19 Positional Escapes in 11 Min – Turtle, Headlock, Crucifix, Cradle – Jason Scully

Ok, here is the final installment of your 4 part positional escape reference video series.  I hope you found the first 3 parts to be useful.

In this demonstration video you’ll find 19 Positional Escapes In Just 11 Minutes.

The escapes that are covered here are:

– Turtle Escapes
– Headlock Escapes
– Cradle Escapes
– Crucifix Escapes

Now here’s the thing.  This isn’t even every escape there is. There is more beyond this series but this 80+ positional demo series will give you a huge database of escapes to view so you can try to come up with the best options to escape almost all major positions.

Hope it helps,

Jason Scully

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