2013 Worlds : Buchecha Watches The Throne

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Over the years, the term “a heavyweight battle” has transcended the boxing world, and has taken footing in every sport known to man.  Used when two elite talents clash in head-to-head competition, with an accolade on the line, it’s a fitting term for when the showdown occurs.

This was the case recently when the 2013 World Championships took place, and in the heavyweight division for the black belt ranks, we got to see the “heavyweights” (no pun intended) battle when Marcus ‘Buchecha’ Almeida and Rodolfo Vieira met to settle a score.

Having met before, with Buchecha claiming victory, Vieira had no intent on dropping yet another match against the highly touted youngster from Brazil.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Royalty

Before getting into the match, you have to understand the type of talent we are witnessing when these two men step onto the mat.  They are truly two of BJJ’s elite heavyweight grapplers.

  • Marcus Almeida:
    • 4x World Champion (Black Belt)
    • 4x World Champion (Lower Belts)
    • 6x World NoGi Champion
    • 4x World Cup Champion
    • Pan American Champion
  • Rodolfo Vieira:
    • 5x World Champion
    • 4x World Professional Jiu Jitsu Cup
    • 2x Pan American
    • 2x European Cup
    • 4x Brazilian National Cup

**Statistics Available Here

That’s some serious hardware right there!  It’s one thing to see great talent in action, in which you could easily get caught up in the moment and not fully appreciate the skills on display.  However, when you see what they have accomplished written down on paper, it’s outstanding.

With two of the best in the world going at it, which one would add another Gold medal to their already legendary list of accolades?

 In The Spotlight..

Special grapplers aren’t just made from skill, they are judged by their ability to show up and perform when the time is right.  That’s exactly what Buchecha Almeida did in the 2013 Worlds against his foe, Rodolfo Vieira.

Finding that his hulking strength—normally the tool that gives him the clear advantage—wasn’t going to cut it, Almeida had to tap into his impressive skills to show Vieira he meant business.

With his featherweight-esque speed, Almeida was able to pass and find dominant positions with ease.  When a big man can move in the same manner as Almeida, it makes the sport become that much easier, as it seemed for Marcus that night.

As the momentum grew, and Almeida began asserting his dominant top game, the crowd began to rally behind Buchecha.

Up until the bitter end, Almeida displayed his natural killer instinct.  Not to be discounted, Rodolfo showed world class heart, and did not allow Buchecha to submit him.



Buchecha’s match versus Faria was in its own rite – a class of the titans.  Both competitors are massive men; intimidating in stature and fluid in their approach.

In this particular match, we get to see a little bit of everything; Buchecha being relentless at times, Faria playing the waiting game and striking when his moment arrives, two larger, burly figures floating around the mat as if they were featherweights…truly a spectacular match to behold.

It’s an interesting debate, but you must think, would these two have gone all out if it wasn’t on a stage as important as the Worlds?  Chances are very likely that they would have, and would not accept losing as a possible outcome.

Showcasing The Killer Instinct

In a match as that was intense and entertaining as this, it was only right that it ended with a wonderful, yet relentless onslaught of submission attacks.  With the end in sight, Buchecha Almeida looked to force the tap out, no longer wanting the match to continue.

You can see in the video the rate and intensity in which Buchecha goes after these holds.  When one disappears, he attacks with a menacing ability for another submission.  Before long, Faria had no choice but to succumb to the pressure and gave Buchecha the armbar victory.

If I had the time, I would watch this match over and over again, and write five more entries on it; it’s that good!  But I shouldn’t be so surprised, because I should know by now: when Marcus Almeida steps onto the mat, we all should take notice  – he truly is a remarkable grappler…even more so for his age…

Dan Faggella


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