23 Transitions, Scrambles and Counters in Less Than 8 Min – Jason Scully

I know it probably feels like forever since I’ve shared a  Short But Sweet Reference video but I did not forget!

One of the highest requested reference videos people asked for were escapes and transitions so I chose to do a bit of both.

This video contains what I would consider pretty advanced for most people.  It does contain what many would call “basic” techniques but they are done in a fast manner and the timing of the movements are what make a huge difference.

Many of these movements are ether transitional escapes, transitional counters, or transitional attacks.
All in all they are scramble situations.

I’ll definitely tell you right now….The more you understand about transitions and scrambles and even MORE IMPORTANT, the more you understand how to STOP the transitions and scrambles, the better of you will be.

Also there maybe LOTS of things you don’t understand that are  happening in the video, which is actually understandable.  To really get a true sense of what is happening, you need a detailed breakdown by someone who is experienced with these movements to help you get a better idea of what is going on during the
movements.  However, to be able to see them done in both fast and slow motion will help you get a head start of what things  to expect further down your grappling road.

Hope it help,

Jason Scully

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