Poppa Rotzee training log 03/31/2011

Colby Black – Poppa Rotzee


I’m continuing my rehab back from my herniated disc and pinched nerve in my neck at c6.I lost most real use of my right arm and had muscle atrophy to the point that after 2 months and a cortisone shot..I could barely lift 5 lbs with my right arm for multiple reps.Push ups felt like bench pressing trucks and the cardio in my legs were gone. It was hard to keep them in the air for open/spider guard and trying to finish triangles was tricky.

My biggest hurdle has been to tap early and not defend stuff I usually could defend and escape..but this has been a blessing in disguise. Its humbling my game and I’m not wasting time sitting in peoples chokes..instead..I’m spending more time training to AVOID the chokes in the first place…which is better.

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