29 Submission Escapes and Defenses in Just 8 Min – Jason Scully

We all know what the ultimate goal is in grappling  and that’s to get the submission! You know, make your opponent quit, tap, say uncle…SUBMIT!

However, there is another end to the spectrum when it comes to submissions.  That is NOT getting submitted.  As much as we’d like to not even have to worry about defending submissions it’s impossible to be able to train without having to defend being submitted.

Obviously the best defense is to not let the submission happen in the first place but that doesn’t quite happen enough does it.

In the video below I demonstrate 29 submission escapes and defenses to help you get some ideas or even help you remember certain submission defenses to help you keep working towards your goal of submitting your opponent’s and stop them in their tracks when the try to do the same to you.

It’s really important to know that the faster you can react, the better chance you will have in regards to defending the submission. TIMING IS EVERYTHING! Also drill, drill, drill and drill these over and over again! Make them second nature. The better you get at understanding what to do when your opponent attacks you with submissions, the more you won’t even have to deal with them.

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Jason Scully a.k.a. The Grapplers Guide
BJJ Black Belt

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