42 of My Favorite Takedown Techniques in Just 6 Minutes

This video was my highest requested video from many people when I asked with a recent questionnaire. In this video you will find MY favorite takedown techniques that I personally use successfully on a regular basis in training and in competition.  I have the word MY capitalized because these technique reflect my game and are all high percentage for me. Your particular style and what fits for your may be different.

Hopefully they can help with some ideas and concepts to improve your grappling in some way.  Especially with takedowns many people are going to have their own variations and the way they do things as this particular topic is extremely diverse.

One of the great things about making these videos as well is I expose my own technique and I get the chance to learn as well from others.  So far with the technique I have been using in this video, these movements have been working extremely well for me. I know there are a lot of wrestlers and judo players out there so I’m open to criticism.

Jason Scully

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