Starting the ESP-XC Workout Program-follow my results

As promised in my previous training blog, I had something coming up and was going to be working with the guys over at to review their 90 day work out program geared towards combat athletes.  Before I started I wanted to make sure I got my move out of the way and the recent holiday of eating bad.  As you know when you move 99.9% of the time you eat terrible and I was no different and with the past Memorial Day Holiday right after my move I knew that I would put on some weight so what a better time to start fresh.

So here we are, its May 31st, and tonight I will start the Endurance Phase of the ESP-XC workout.  The first workout will be legs, and I’m already dreading it.  I dislike the feeling I get when working out my legs, but its something I will have to get past because I know its a must for me to get into the best shape and its a must for you to know if this workout program that they are selling works well or not.  As for me personally at the moment, I’m not in terrible shape, but I’m not in competition shape either.  So I will use this as a base to see if it can get to where I want/need to be.  I have never been shredded either, what can I say I love food WAY too much, but during this 90 days I will have a clean diet in hopes of getting as lean as possible.  I will still be training BJJ at least 3 times a week sometimes more so I will need to play with my caloric intake to see what works best for me.  I plan on starting at about 2200 calories a day and seeing where that takes me.  I didn’t get an opportunity to weigh myself this morning but if I had to guess I would be about 220 lbs which is a little heavier than I like to be when walking around.  (I will post the numbers tonight and my starting pictures as well)

So here is what I plan to do:

1. Do their daily workouts and post my HONEST opinion of each of them and how I felt during the workout, after the workout, and the next morning.

2. Within that post I will give you the food that I ate, even if I cheat, so you know if my diet is clean or not.  Today I have eaten breakfast- 2 whole eggs with ham and some turkey sausage, mid morning snack- banana, lunch- turkey burger on whole wheat bread, dinner- I plan on 6-8oz of chicken breast, cup of brown rice, and about 4 oz of mixed veggies and a after workout protein shake which I will post the nutritional content later.

3. I will have a weekly weight check and post it so you can see any progress that I have made this will include my body fat % as well.

4. I already drink plenty of water, about a gallon a day so I will continue with this.

If you are interested in this, by all means follow along and ask questions if you have any.  If this stuff doesn’t interest I understand you don’t have to follow.

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