49 Back Mount Entries In Less Than 6 Min – Jason Scully

Everyone in grappling knows that the back mount is one of the most dominant positions out there.  With the back mount you are able to secure great position all while giving yourself a good amount of options to finish your opponent.

It’s seriously one of the hardest positions for your opponent to escape also if you have a good secure back mount on them as well.

BUT what good is the back mount if you have no idea how to even get the position?  That’s where the video that I’m sharing with you comes in.  In this video you will find 49 different back mount entries from a very large amount of situations.  There is something for everyone and I guarantee you that ALL of these movements WORK!

There aren’t any submissions in the video.  Just a whole lot of different ways to get the back.  Remember how the old grappling addage goes, “position before submission”.  That’s what were are working on here.

I really hope this video and all of the other videos I have shared with you in the past have helped you in your improvement of your grappling performance.  It’s something that I truly love teaching and being apart of.

Thank you,

Jason Scully

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