49 Kimura and Americana Attacks in Less Than 6 Min – Jason Scully


Back again with another “Short But Sweet” reference video.  What do I mean when I say short but sweet.  These videos are short videos in length but filled with a ton of ideas and demonstrations.

If you haven’t seen my others videos like this, be sure to find my YouTube channel and check them out.  There are a lot!

This one covers one of the most common submissions in the game….KEYLOCKS! In this category you’ll find Americanas and Kimuras from a ton of different situations.

I could have gone a few directions with this video and I decided to focus solely on ways to attack and finish the submissions, not to use them as combinations to other submissions or positions.  Maybe I’ll make a video on that subject in the future.

For now I hope you enjoy the techniques and that you find something that fits into your game.  There are….49 Americana and Kimura Attacks in Less Than 6 Minutes! So plenty to see and in a short time where you can easily review them over and over again.

Thank you for your support,

Jason Scully

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