A Gameplan for your Guard on your Phone

It’s taken almost a full year of development, fine tuning and tweaking, but today I’m releasing something brand new that I think will be a very useful tool for people doing BJJ and submission grappling.

It’s called ‘The Roadmap for BJJ App‘ and you can get it for your iPhone, iPad, Android device and/or Kindle tablet.

This free app breaks down the Closed Guard, Open Guard and Half Guard for you. It covers both the top and bottom positions, and includes strategies, tactics, tricks and techniques. Tons of immediately useful stuff.

If you like what you get for free then you can also unlock additional modules on the Sidemount, Kneemount, Full Mount, Rear Mount, and Turtle Positions.

Check it out – it’s risk free. The ultimate try-before-you-buy option.

<a href="http://www online paypal viagra.grapplearts.com/Blog/free-roadmap-for-bjj-app/”>Click here for more information and links to the app in the iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Kindle stores.

Stephan Kesting

Roadmap for BJJ in iOS, Android and Kindle

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