A Lot of No Gi Choke Variations in Just 8 Min – Jason Scully

Hey Everyone

New video on some no-gi chokes with variations and ideas.

In this video you will see many different no-gi choke options, and variations within those options as well. Chokes are submissions where the strength of your opponent plays even less of a factor because starts to become much harder for them and most of the time not possible for them to muscle out of a choke when you start to set in with it.

Hope you enjoy

Jason Scully

P.S. I also recorded A LOT of gi chokes the same day as well.  I was going to make it all one video but then realized how long it will be hahaha…if you would like the video sent to you TODAY on the gi chokes send me a messages letting me know.  If so, then I will send the video out later today to those who are part of the the list at www.grapplersguide.com.  The reason for this is because I don’t usually like to blast these reference videos back to back. So I will send it out to the list first and then probably post it publicly a week or a few days later (maybe).

P.P.S. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven’t, it really helps me stay motivated to do these video and other videos as well if I know that I can see that people enjoy getting them.  Thank you!

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