Here is a list of Authors and Contributors to the Blog.













Samuel Braga:

2nd Degree Black Belt

6x Black Belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion

Samuel started with martial arts young at seven years old , practicing Taekwondo.  Ever since he was young, he always loved to compete, winning a couple tournaments as a Taekwondo  fighter . He practiced Taekwondo for several years until he got his black belt  and took a break from martial arts when he was a teenager.

Samuel  was planning to come back to his training in Taekwondo  but his gym also offered a Jiu-Jitsu  class that took Samuel’s attention. He was already watching UFC and a fan of Royce Gracie (one of Helio Gracie sons who spread jiu-jitsu to the world using the MMA fights and dominating the biggest events in that time), as well as a big fan Rickson Gracie (Royce’s older brother fighting in Japan’s Pride MMA, which became some the most watched MMA events during 21 Century until purchased by UFC).

After he watched this class his mind changed and he began his BJJ training. His parents supported from beginning until today, something Samuel is very thankful for, especially his father who gave all support he needed to compete in tournaments. After winning six World Championships, Samuel is still practicing this beautiful art that changed his life, giving him more discipline, confidence, and respect in all areas of his life—inside and outside the ring.














Stephan Kesting:


Black Belt

I am a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu black belt, and have been doing martial arts for over 25 years. I am also a certified instructor in Erik Paulson’s Combat Submission Wrestling, a black belt in Kajukenbo Karate, an instructor in Dan Inosanto’s Jun Fan JKD, Maphalindo Silat and Filipino Martial Arts program. Additionally I have also studied Japanese Judo, Russian Sambo, various Chinese Kung Fu systems, Brazilian Capoeira, Muay Thai Kickboxing, and many other martial arts.

I have published over 20 articles in magazines like Black Belt, Ultimate Grappling, Tapout Magazine and Ultimate Athlete, and been interviewed by The Fightworks Podcast and Lockflow.com.













Jeremy “The Gerbil” Arel

Black Belt

Jeremy “The Gerbil” Arel began training in martial arts at the age of 7 and has studied Isshinryu Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Jeet Kune Do, and was an alternate on the WTA US Kickboxing team in 2004. Jeremy began training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2004, and in 2009 moved to Rio de Janeiro to train under the innovator of the half guard, Roberto “Gordo” Correa. In December 2010, he became only the 2nd non-Brazilian to earn a black belt from Gordo. During the nearly 2 years he spent in Brazil, Jeremy maintained a popular blog about living and training in Brazil on Sherdog.com. Upon returning to the US, he opened his BJJ Academy, Great Grappling Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, in his hometown of Fort Mill, SC, near Charlotte, NC. Jeremy holds a degree in Physical Education and applies traditional, proven teaching principles to his BJJ instruction.












Dennis Asche

Black Belt

Main Achievements:

  • First Gracie Open Champion (2003 – grand prize winner)
  • US Team Trials Champion (2003 IBJJF)
  • US vs Brazil team Champion (2003)

Dennis Asche was born in Oregon, USA on the 11th of April, 1977. Dennis started practicing martial arts at 7 years old, training several systems including Kenpo Karate, Escrima, AKEA, Muay Thai and Progressive Fighting Systems. He decided to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at the age of 18 to become a well rounded fighter, his first PFS/BJJ instructor was Patrick Lachman.

He grew fond of and MMA and Jiu Jitsu and started training under several different instructors, in trying to find the best training possible. Also with the best training in mind, Dennis moved to California supported by a friend and training partner Brett Garlock who convinced him the move would do him a world of good. Returning to Oregon, Dennis changed camps to train with J.T. Taylor, under Marcelo Alonso (winning his very first BJJ competition for Alonso as a white belt in 1999 at Tacoma, WA). Dennis was awarded his blue belt by Marcelo Alonso. Shortly after he moved cities to refine his Muay Thai at W.V.K.B. in Corvallis, Or under Coach Daniel Dunn for one year before competing and turning professional in MMA.

Not long after his professional career in MMA began Dennis returned to Los Angeles training Muay Thai at North Hollywood MTA and Jiu-jitsu under John Machado. Under Professor John Machado Dennis would develop his game as a competitor and earn his purple belt and passage to Rio de Janeiro through competition.

Dennis Asche met  Roberto “Gordo” early in 2003 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He began training with him from there on, earning his brown belt and later his black belt (on the 4th of July, 2009) from the Brazilian.















Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt under Rob Kahn (Royce Gracie)

13 years of teaching and competition experience

Professional MMA Fighter
-Ultimate Fighter Season 8 Veteran
- Ring of Combat LW Champion
- Sportfighting LW Champion

Earned Medals at
ADCC North American Trials
Pan Ams
NAGA Worlds
Grapplers Quest Pro Division

Competition victories over
Ryan Hall
Enrico Cocco
Sean Spangler
Andrew Smith
Wilson Reis

Current Coach at Precision MMA and AMA Fight Club








Brandon “Wolverine” Mullins:

1st degree Black belt

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Wolverine’s Major Competition Accomplishments
2005 Pan Am Silver ( Purple Belt )
2006 Pan Am Bronze ( Brown Belt )
2006 Gracie Worlds Silver ( Brown Belt )
2006 U.S. Open Gold ( Brown Belt )
2007 Rio State Ranking Silver ( Rio De Janeiro )
2008 Worlds No – Gi Bronze ( Black Belt )
2009 Pan Am No-Gi Gold ( Black Belt )
2009 Grapplers Quest Advance Division Gold

2010 Worlds No-Gi Gold (Black Belt)

3x Grapplers Quest Adv. Division Gold
2x Fight to win Adv. Division Champion
3x Battle of H-Town Champion


3x Brown Belt Judo State Champion


Multiple medals in wrestling competitions














Jordan Shultz

Brown Belt

Major Accomplishments:
2011 IBJJF World Champion – Lightweight Brown Belt
2012 Abu Dhabi Pro Trials Montreal – 3rd place
2011 IBJJF European 2nd place
2010 IBJJF World Champion – Lightweight Putple Belt
2010 IBJJF Pan Champion, 3rd in Open Class
2009 IBJJF No gi Pans Champion
Abu Dhabi Trials 2009 Champion Purple

Jordon’s dapper jiu jitsu style set him apart from many of his BJJ peers, and his confidence often came across as boastful or even egotistical, albeit amusingly so. This flamboyance, of course, made for good press, something that Schultz enjoyed throughout his early career. Possessing a keenness that belied his age, Schultz came to be a rising young star over the course of late 2010 based on his lethal submission execution. Consciously building up his academy’s BJJ competition reputation he sought to create a BJJ game that was uniquely American.

In early 2012 Schultz relocated to Team Lloyd Irvin, and joined the ranks of the Medal Chasers, one of the most feared and nationally acclaimed teams. Modeled after the olympic training program, the Medal Chaser team is the perfect fit for Schultz who has been publicly criticized for leaving his former team (Alliance). Among jiu-jitsu aficionados, Schultz is revered for his flawless technique and physical dexterity, and his revolutionary approach to teaching the fine art can be discovered inside his highly acclaimed 4 volume DVD series, Guard Passing for Competitors, and Online Course, Law of Guard.

In addition to his accolades in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition, Jordon is a degreed Mechanical Engineer, self proclaimed computer nerd, and loves dogs.

websites and products:











Matt “Aesopian” Kirtley

Brown Belt

Matt Kirtley is a brown belt under Professor Eduardo de Lima, an old school Gracie Barra black belt that came up the ranks alongside teammates like Draculino and Roleta. Matt started BJJ at Gracie Barra Clearwater in 2004, and has been training (and eventually teaching) there ever since. He runs www.aesopian.com, a BJJ blog where he writes about techniques, training and gear.









Jason Scully

Black Belt

- Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black belt under Jared Weiner (Lloyd Irvin’s First Black Blet)

- Active Competitor – Placed in Naga, Grapplers Quest, IBJJ Worlds, No-Gi Pans,

- Featured on Lockflow.com, MixedMartialArts.com, GrappleArts.com, Shoyoroll.com, Bullshido.net, BloodyElbow.com, TheFightNerd.com














Renato Migliaccio

3rd Degree Black Belt in BJJ and Judo

World champion bjj

Pan american champion
European Champion
Brazilian National champion

brazilian wrestling team mernber

pro MMA fighter 6-1












Wally Holem

Black Belt BJJ Certified Instructor

MS Exercise Science

Green Belt Judo

Level One Crossfit Instructor

Crossfit Gymnastics Certified

Crossfit Nutrition Certified

Crossfit Olympic Lifting Certified

Certified CPR Instructor

CardioFight Founder

Performance Enhancement Specialist PES









Ruben Avila:

Purple Belt under Marcos “Yemaso” Torregrosa

I train under world champion Marcos “Yemaso” Torregrosa in Sacramento, CA. While looking for a job, I realized I could be putting my business degree to work by helping Marcos with some marketing advise. Since then, I have been responsible for the majority of the media that comes out from Marcos and the academy. I even get to travel with him to his seminars and meet a lot of great people.

I decided to create my own bjj blog to keep a collection of my experiences, opinions, and rants. I am an artist in every sense. I love the aural, written, spoken, and martial arts. Sometimes, I want to write about things that aren’t necessarily relevant to my blog. So, I applied to be a contributor here, and was accepted. I look forward to adding value to this website’s readers.

Follow me: @rubeneavila

My Personal Blog: BJJGrappling.com











Simon Boulter


Pro MMA fighter/Purple Belt/Olympic Weightlifter


Simon has been training and fighting in Mixed Martial Arts for over 10 years now, having his first amateur MMA and submission wrestling matches at the age of just 14. At 17 years old, Simon flew to Brazil off his own back and trained at BTT to and competed in the BJJ Mundials. He should have been fighting in the junior division but the spot for his weight was taken by another fighter on his team so he competed against the adult blue belts at just 17 years oldwhich was a great experience. After competing in amateur MMA and Brazilian jiu-jitsu for the next few years, as soon as he was 18 and was eligible, he had his first Professional MMA bout and won via inverted arm bar. Simon trained in the gi for the first 5 years of his training career, but found his passion truly was no-gi BJJ, also known as submission wrestling. After gaining his purple belt in BJJ, Simon made the decision to train exclusively no-gi and concentrate on MMA which he has done for the last 5 years.
After fighting several Pro MMA bouts over the last few years recently he has taken to teaching as a career and opened his own full time MMA/ Strength and Conditioning gym in his hometown of Milton Keynes, coaching submission classes there 6 nights per week.  Simon is also an avid power lifter and Olympic weightlifter and so is extremely passionate about strength and conditioning for his fighters and clients.



Kyle “Apache” Callaway:

2nd Stripe Blue Belt

My name is Kyle.  I have been training under Vinicius “Draculino” Magalhaes at Gracie Barra Texas since March of 2008.  I am currently a 2-stripe blue belt.  When not training I enjoy playing guitar, sleeping, wrestling with my dog, hanging out with my beautiful fiancee, and playing Xbox until 4 A.M.  I can be found on many MMA/BJJ forums trolling under the name TalkShowOnMute.  Cheers!












Assistant Instructor: Colby “POPPA-ROTZEE” Black:

Purple Belt – 1 Stripe

I am a Purple Belt and Assistant Instructor for Draculino at Gracie Barra Texas. I created and shoot all of the videos for Draculino’s youtube channel “DraculinoTeamTx”. In between training, I’m typically running around with a video camera recording the class or Draculino teaching which got me the nick name “Paparazzi” due to my running around with cameras all the time.

As someone who is involved in teaching and training Jiu-Jitsu..my goal was to make videos that I was interested in watching. I wanted to bring High Quality video, with up close and unique angles that brought the viewer right there on the mat. After success with the Youtube Channel, this blog was the next step as a place I could collaborate with other like minded practitioners.