Alan Belcher Discusses How You Can Progress By Using His ‘Immunity’ Course!

One of the worst things that can happen to a grappler is hitting the wall and plateau when it comes to their overall skillset.  After logging in hours of hard work on the mat, and studying moves, techniques and film, you’ll eventually get to the point where no matter how hard you try, your progression slowly stalls.

The reason being for this could be one of many reasons.  Maybe you have gotten too comfortable with where you are and are no longer being challenged, or maybe you haven’t tried to broaden your horizons.  As I said, the reasons for this could be countless.

Recently I was able to sit down with Alan ‘The Talent’ Belcher and discuss his Immunity course, encompassing many facets of the game of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

During our talk, Alan went into great detail about how his course can help any grappler, no matter their experience and skills!  When we wrapped, I walked away with clear knowledge that Alan is out to help the BJJ community with this DVD series. You can check out the full review to the series here at Science of Skill!

Never Forget The Basics!              

When discussing his approach for this course, Alan was quick to share that this isn’t your cookie-cutter DVD series, nor is it something you can find at your local gym.  “My way may not be the very best way, my way, because it’s different, may not be

In his fight against Palhares, Belcher was engaged in a tough leg lock battle

In his fight against Palhares, Belcher was engaged in a tough leg lock battle

any better,” Belcher proclaims, “but you can go from not knowing how to defend anything, to understanding the submissions by using the Immunity course.”

Humble in his approach, Alan was brutally honest when discussing the landscape of the grappling world.  One thing he discussed was how the higher in rank some grapplers become, the more likely they are to forget certain techniques that they once knew like the back of their hands!  This is where Immunity shines as it helps reinstall these focal points of BJJ.

One other thing Blecher wanted to focus on with this course is the importance of leg locks.  “I know there are a lot of guys in BJJ that haven’t even learned leg locks!”  Not knocking this practice, Alan made sure to acknowledge the dangers these vicious moves present in a practice atmosphere. You can learn more about leg locks today in MMA and BJJ in this article by BJJ Today!

The Immunity course aims to fix these faults in every grappler that chooses to watch this series.

Your Belt Rank Doesn’t Matter In Immunity!

By now it’s clear to me that Alan didn’t make this course with one specific belt rank in mind.  With such a vast, detailed explanation of both basic movements and advanced techniques, Belcher delivers a course that any white belt through black belt can pick up and learn from.

The fact he was willing to break everything down in such consumable segments will prove to be helpful, no matter how advanced you are in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu food chain. You can hear him talk about defense in an interview in the video below!

From leg lock defense to passes and sweeps, Belcher leaves no stone unturned in this fantastic grappling course.  Make sure to get your copy of Immunity ASAP!

Dan Faggella

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