Alan ‘The Talent’ Belcher Goes In Depth About His Immunity Course!

Not long ago I caught wind about this Immunity DVD series that was coming out.  After doing my research, I discovered that UFC veteran—and fan favorite—Alan ‘The Talent’ Belcher was the man behind it! You can actually pick up your copy of the course here!

A noted striker and furious fighter, many in the world of MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu may scoff at the idea of Belcher releasing a grappling series, yet they fail to realize just how strong his BJJ actually is!

Remember, this is the same guy that went to the mat—and the 50/50 guard—with Rousimar Palhares and won!  Very few men on earth can say that they have done that!  So go ahead and doubt the skills of Belcher, you’re only missing out on some killer info!

I was lucky enough to recently sit down with Belcher to discuss his course, and everything that it had to offer.

Knowing that the series has a heavy emphasis on leg locks, and given my undying love for them, we went in to detail about what we expect out of the series when it comes to the beautiful art of ripping people’s legs off.

Dealing With Leg Locks In Various Ways

The series itself is a five disc set, and while it isn’t exclusive to leg locks, the first three discs all set out to make you better in

In his fight against Palhares, Belcher was engaged in a tough leg lock battle

In his fight against Palhares, Belcher was engaged in a tough leg lock battle

that field, with a heavy emphasis on counters and defensive tactics.

“Not every technique has a counter,” Alan says as we discuss the series, “but I try to talk about how you can do the technique from certain positions.  You learn offense as well as defense.”

Belcher has a vast knowledge of the world of leg locks, and he was eager to share it with everyone.  After spending time training with guys such as Dean Lister and Davi Ramos, it’s no surprise that Belcher is so well versed.

As we got going, Alan began talking about the countless setups he touches upon in his series when it comes to defending the leg locks…so much so that my head was spinning!

Alan truly leaves no stone unturned in the Immunity series! Check out what Alan has to say for the course himself in the video below!

More Than Just Your Average Submission Defense

Normally we think—especially those just starting out—that defensive tactics are used only to stop moves.  While they are obviously used to ward off submission holds, their usefulness doesn’t end there!

This was another thing that Alan wanted to go into with the course, and leave grapplers with a better understanding for counters and defense.

“If you stop it,” Alan explains, “they’re expecting you to defend it.  But you can shut it down then go for your own leg lock!”

The beauty of the Immunity course is that it trains grapplers to be offensive while being defensive.  Belcher goes over various ways how to defend a hold, and turn it right around on your opponent as you begin to attack them! You can learn more concepts on submission defense in this article by Grapple Arts.

The attention to detail that Belcher put into this series is amazing.  It left me wanting the course right there on the spot!

Dan Faggella


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