An Effective Sweep From Bottom Side Control

There’s no getting around it; bottom side control can be downright miserable!  Often times I have students that ask for ways to get out of this, and I usually am happy to show them.  However, I recently thought about it; when escaping side control, it’s all too easy to end up in a neutral position.

I don’t know about you, but I prefer to sweep and pass!

Let’s take a close look as to how you can escape from bottom side control, and secure a sweep allowing you to gain the upper hand!

Escaping Side Control & Setting Up The Sweep Attempt

To properly begin this process, we must first begin to work our way out from under our opponent, who has us trapped in side control.  To do this, we simply want to post on our side, and begin to slide our way out.  As we do this, make sure to reach over their back and grab onto their far-side hip.

Chances are very high that once we do this, our opposition will apply an overhook.  This will nullify any potential pass, if we don’t know how to work around this!

To eliminate the threat of the overhook, you’ll want to bring your opposite hand to the inside of their foot, which is closest to you.  Make sure to maintain some amount of pressure on their foot, as you prepare for the next major step in this process:

  • With our hand in place, we’ll then want to flare our elbow—the one placed over their back—which will break their posture a bit.
  • Meanwhile, you’ll want to bump their tailbone with your knee all while pushing their foot away from their body, making sure to maintain pressure with your elbow.
  • To complete this process, step in with your inside foot, capturing their foot in the process.

Using Proper Leverage And Force For The Finish

If properly executed, we should have our opponent in the palm of our hand at this point!  With their foot trapped, giving us the dominant position, it’s time to finish off this sweep and mount an offensive attack!

The final phase to this sequence has a lot of moving parts to it, and calls for attention to detail in terms of where your body is placed and how to leverage your body weight:P1030182

  • With the foot trapped, you’ll want to now come up to your elbow and knee.
  • Next, post onto your foot.  Make sure that your elbow is above theirs, which will allow you to exert more force when looking for the sweep!
  • While on your foot, take your hand off of the mat and bring it towards their knee and grab hold.
  • Lastly, you’ll want to back step and drive through your opponent, flattening them onto their back, allowing you pass into top side control.

And just like that, you’ve gotten yourself out of the dreaded bottom side control and right into the dominant top side control!

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Dan Faggella

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