Armbar from the guard – Showtime

For better or for worse, UFC results lead the trends in martial arts.  As a result, last night was a very exciting time to be a Jiu-jitsu instructor.  Submissions have been enjoying a resurgence as of late – Nogueira vs Werdum, Sonnen vs Rua, Johnson vs Moraga all main events ending in submission.  Often times these fights end spectacularly, but from advanced positions.  Last night we saw a world champion fall victim to a fundamental technique, the basic armbar from guard.  Hopefully, this development will lead to packed basic classes for jiu-jitsu schools across the nation.


In light of Anthony Pettis’ incredible armbar here are a few videos that outline different entries for the armlock

Techniques filmed at Precision MMA – a Poughkeepsie MMA gym.  For more BJJ techniques click here



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