Back Control Submission- Thiago Choke

This is one of the sneakier submissions that I will have posted on my youtube channel. It was taught to me by a good friend and great grappler from Brazil (thanks Thiago).

There are not a whole lot of chokes that come from an under grip but this one can come on fast. When performing this choke watch out how much space you give them when bringing the arm around the head or they may turn into you. If you monitor your space effectively enough that should not be a problem, at worst you’ll have to transition into mount.

I will admit that it takes a good bit of grip strength and a good deep grip on your setup hand. But the truth is that most people that are competent grapplers dont have a problem with letting someone get a deep grip as long as it’s under the arm (just from my personal experience). Once you have a deep grip there it’s a good option to switch into this choke.

Have fun playing around with this and let me know how it goes.

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Jeremy Arel



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