Back Mount Finishing with Justin Rader

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No matter how big and bad you become on the mat, or how lethal you are in certain positions, there is always one spot that is hard to defend against and that’s the back take.

Leg locks, sweeps, blood chokes, etc. all have defenses that allow you to react properly, simply because you can see the move coming and know what to expect.  You can see from certain visual cues and movements that your opponent has something in mind, allowing you to properly defend against it, however, you don’t have a set of arms on your back.

When you think about it, you use all of your limbs to defend properly against your opponent.  When you think about how you can defend your back from certain attacks, the likely hood of doing so shrinks.

Knowing how vulnerable one can be in terms of stopping back mount attacks, it’s a must that you have a powerful transition and move to use that can end the match/fight from the back mount, and make you look pretty cool in the process.

The Tactical Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Approach to the Back Mount

chess2In this particular breakdown, Justin Rader walks us through a nice rear naked choke setup from back mount after passing guard.  Still standing over our opponent, there is a chance that they will try and roll away from us, causing more space which would give them a chance to recover.

This is where we want to strike, and strike fast.

Right away, once you see their back, you want to latch on!  With your chest planted on their back, you want to then apply your over/under, assuring your dominance from this position.  Right after that, you’ll want to slide your shin to their body, allowing you to secure your rear side hook at any moment.

The next step is to fight for hand position before focusing on your second hook.  Once your hands are where they should be, push down on their free hand, taking it out of the equation.

From here, you can leave their free arm be, or you can even trap it with your top leg, keeping it pinned!  If you go this route, you’ll have to forfeit a second hook.

Dominating Lightweight Grappling

From here, since you have them right where you want them, you’ll look to finish the match ASAP!  Take your top hand and bring it up towards the hold to tighten the grip.  A good approach to this would be to go with a palm-to-palm grip.

Lastly, you can finish the hold by going about it in one of two ways:


  • Apply pressure with the arm that is across the neck, and arc your back.

No matter how you finish it, it’s a dominating setup and move.  The RNC is a very basic submission to learn, but getting to the back is a different story.

Hopefully you took some notes!

Dan Faggella

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