Becoming A Dangerous Back Mount Attack Specialist

The back mount is a position that many grapplers excel at, and it is known to be a super effective position when the moves and submissions can be executed properly.

However, they aren’t always used to perfection, be it poor body movement on our part or maybe our opponent is very defiant on giving up their back.  No matter the case, it’s important that you know how to work around these issues, and still have the right tools to score a submission from back mount!

Using A Modified Rear Naked Choke To Secure The Victory

Think about all the time you work or have defended from the back mount position.  Chances are very high that the one move that always stood out an you were most aware of was the rear naked choke.BJJ_Rear_Naked_Choke_2

For such a highly used move, it’s equally as highly defended.  Right away, your opponent begins to defend their neck because it’s the most accessible body part to attack, which makes the traditional RNC much more difficult to obtain.  However, having a modified version of the choke hold is something that they may not be prepared for!

  • As we work to get our hooks, chances are that our opposition is looking to escape.
  • Once they do, our first objective is to stop the escape while also securing and maintaining a Gi grip on their collar.
  • With them in place, we’ll want to reach up with your off hand and lace it in front of their shoulder, and finish by bringing it to the back of their head.
  • Make sure the knuckles are making contact with the skull.
  • Still maintaining a firm grip on the Gi, and with your hand in place, begin to extend from with your arms to create pressure on the neck, causing the submission victory to take place.

And just like that, you have a modified rear naked choke to use on your opponents!

Properly Leveraging Your Sternum To Exert The Most Force

While scoring the submission victory is obviously the biggest goal in all of this, it won’t happen if you neglect to do one major thing: place your sternum properly!

While it may seem silly to say, the placement of your sternum can truly make or break this move for you, and have you deep water if you aren’t placing it properly

Since we are off at an angle, on the side of our opponent, the sternum should be placed just below their shoulder joint.  The reason for this is that once we go to exert force on the choke hold, we can leverage this point to help add more pressure to the hold, thus making it much, much more effective!

Failing to do so will turn this hold more into a choke that relies heavily on the force your arms can exert on their own, as opposed to leveraging bodyweight behind it.

So remember that the sternum can go a long way in securing that win!

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Dan Faggella

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