Ben Henderson Wins Controversial Lightweight Championship

Las Vegas, a MMA hotspot, is also known for its fast life,  Casino  games and gambling. Was shocked as Frankie Edgar lost a very controversial fight to new Lightwight Champion Ben Henderson in Denver.
During the main event, saturday at UFC 150, Denver’s home town favorite, Ben Henderson was cheered as he entered the ring, but by the second round the crowd was rooting for Frankie Edgar and chants of “FRANKIE, FRANKIE” could be heard roaring from the crowd. A split decision in favor of Henderson nearly caused a riot as the crowd showed its disproval.


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UFC 150 official scorecard henderson edgar

The UFC 150 official scorecard for Benson Henderson’s victory over Frankie Edgard.


“It’s one of those controversial decisions,” UFC president Dana White said. “I’m not a judge. Ben Henderson won the fight, he retained his title. And that’s the end of it.”

White said he wouldn’t say who he thought won the fight. But he did say he scored the fight even going into the final round. All three judges scored Edgar the winner of the fifth round.

“I felt I pushed the pace, brought the fight to him,” said Edgar, who looked completely dejected in the post-fight news conference. “I thought I improved from last time. I thought I did enough to win.”

Edgar has now lost consecutive fights to Henderson on the scorecards.

White offered some advice to fighters wanting to avoid the same narrowly-decided fate.

“I tell these guys all the time, if you don’t like these scores, don’t let it get there.”

donald cowboy cerrone ufc 150Jack Dempsey, The Associated Press

Donald Cerrone, left, and Melvin Guillard fight in their lightweight bout.

Colorado card tally

The Denver fight card collected about $650,000 in gate receipts. It was the worst UFC gate tally for a pay-per-view card since 2007, White said. UFC’s president pointed to the statewide wild fires and the Aurora theater shooting for the downturn.

“It’s been a really hard summer here,” White said. “The way this city has dealt with bad stuff this summer is unbelievable. I’m actually glad that the people who did come out got to do something fun.”

Cerrone’s bonus check for taxes

When asked what he would do with his bonus $120,000, Cerrone said: “I’m gonna pay my taxes, as funny as it sounds.” He was serious. He owes the IRS a chunk of back-taxes. “That’s a good idea,” White said.

Henderson vs. Cerrone III?

Henderson, when asked who he might face in future title fights, said he wasn’t looking forward to Cerrone. “I know I don’t want to see Cowboy again. We’ve danced a couple times. And he’s coming on hard right now.”


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