Best Hygiene Practices after Brazilian Jiu Jitsu sessions

It’s well known that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can provide a fantastic full body workout, toning muscle, building good cardio and instilling patience in its followers through the use of well planned, intentional movement.

During your sessions, and like most other forms of workout, there’s no doubt that you’re going to sweat.  A lot.

The down side to getting in shape and maintaining a good exercise routine is that sometimes we don’t have access to cleaning products or a shower in a short period of time.

Although exercise has shown to improve skin conditions due to a better blood circulation (bringing sufficient nutrients and oxygen to skin and helping it to fight off acne and other blemishes), without a proper scrub afterwards, your exercise can actually lead to worse skin than you started with.  Combine that with a less than pleasing smell, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

If you’re lucky, your gym comes equipped with a shower and you’ve remembered to bring all of your supplies with you.  Maybe your gym even carries products for purchase or for shared use.  This is wonderful, but it’s not often the case, and members are left to rush home after class to jump into their showers as soon as they can.

This isn’t optimal for those that live far away from their Jiu Jitsu classes, as by the time they reach their destination, the sweat has probably already dried and pores may already be clogged.  This is besides the fact that they’ve jumped into their vehicle and have now made the entire vehicle smell like an old gym bag full of used hockey equipment.  And what do you do if you take your classes in the morning before work or even at lunchtime?

If there’s no shower facility at the gym, changing into your work clothes and putting on some deodorant won’t mask the fact that you’ve just given it your all in an hour long class.  You won’t feel clean, and you certainly won’t smell or look clean.

This also leads to more laundry, as you won’t be able to wear your office attire until it’s been through a cycle to wash off the evidence of your determined Jiu Jitsu movements.  You can also forget about heading for a meal with friends afterwards; you may miss a great time because you have to head home instead for a rinse.

So what’s a person to do?  One of the best options in a case where your gym offers no access to a shower is to pack along some full body wipes.  These are a great product, allowing you to get the same clean that a shower would give very quickly and with great results.  Simply use the wipes from head to toe after a workout and then toss them in the trash.

If you have a locker at your facility, it’s a great idea to keep them at your Jiu Jitsu facility so that you don’t end up forgetting them.  These wipes not only help those without access to a shower, they also are a great alternative for those who are less than apt to want to jump into a public shower where you can pick up things like Planters’ warts.

If you’re squeamish about using the same stall as who knows how many other people, full body wipes are probably your saving grace.  These packs are easily carried in a backpack, are lightweight and versatile, and totally negate the need for carrying around several different bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash.

When you’re headed to a workout, you want to be able to have a small bag of absolute necessities, and a pack of wipes that gives you a good clean, head to toe in a small, convenient package, is definitely a winner.  Carry a pack of these wipes everywhere, and you’ll no longer have to miss out on that lunch with friends or fear heading back to work after your class.

After freshening up, there’s nothing more convenient than using a deodorant spray.  These come in a wide variety of scents, so you can choose whatever pleases you most.  There is no risk of that awful white streak that most stick deodorants leave; a spray keeps your clothes free of stains.  They’re easy and quick to apply, with no sometimes awkward reaching with a stick or a roll-on.  Another benefit of this type of deodorant is that it dries fast, so you can spray and then be on your way!

This article was written by Nina Wells from Vidalux. Nina has been writing articles for over 10 years and is a commanding voice in the health and fitness community with her articles high in demand.

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