BJJ CONCEPTS: Becoming a Guard Pass Finisher – Jason Scully

Very sorry for not sending out some videos recently, I hit a little set back with a shoulder injury but I’m back on the saddle, hitting physical therapy, and still working hard as ever.

I will always believe that concepts as a whole are more important then single techniques that you learn.  This is because they can be applied and added to so many aspects of your training for the life of your training.  Concepts aren’t about skill level. They are about breaking down situations to their finest points, analyzing openings and theory so you can think in a much more detailed manner and start creating your own grappling system and they can be learned by all levels of grapplers, from beginners to advanced.

With concepts you can become a true artist and really take advantage of the martial “art” you are experiencing.  They are the backbone to development and growth in my opinion.

In this message I want to share with your some fundamental guard passing concepts that every single grappler at every single level can use and apply to their game.  They have helped me tremendously and they are being passed down to my students and you as well.

This main premise of these concepts don’t involve certain passes, but they involve important aspects of actually FINISHING your passes.  Remember this – A pass is NOT a pass if you don’t complete it.  It may look like one, it may feel like one, but if you can’t finis the pass.  You never had one.

In this video I talk about 4 situations and concepts that every single grappler will experience and can use throughout the life of your grappling.  I promise this 100%!

Now this isn’t a very short video.  It is about 14 minutes long but I truly believe that if you study it, and all of the points that are talked about in the video then you can really increase your passing completion percentages.  Who wouldn’t want that right?

Some things talked about are:

1. Focusing On Hips are Key to Stopping Guard Retention
2. Dealing With the Dreaded Shin Across (Guard Retention Blocking)
3. They Go To Their Knees, You Go To Their Back (Or the Other Side Works Too)
4. If They Bail Away, It’s Ok.

Now these are basic and simple concepts in my opinion but as I mentioned I believe they will stand the test of time.  Work hard with them, add them to your game and continue (or start) your quest in becoming a guard passing monster.  Trust me, I’m always working on it!

Keep Training Hard!

Jason Scully

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