BJJ: From Students to Teachers

BJJ: From Students to Teachers

I am obviously still learning BJJ and nowhere even near the end of my journey, (nor am I a head instructor or anything) but when making my latest video I ran across an old video of me rolling with Draculino as a warm up before my first private lesson. He put me in a triangle and then swept me to finish the triangle from the mounted position. It was the same move I did on a friend of mine today during a warm up to a private lesson I was teaching him.

I was like wow, its crazy watching how this knowledge passes through people, from person to person. I thought this would be  a cool perspective, a video of me, as a whitebelt,  rolling with Draculino in my first private lesson and then a video of me rolling with a white belt that I am teaching for his first private lesson. It will be really cool to see a video of Chris (the white belt I am teaching privates to) rolling with a student he is helping a few years down the road and add it to this post, anyway, Check it out =)


From Student


To Teacher

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