BJJ: From Students to Teachers

BJJ: From Students to Teachers

I am obviously still learning BJJ and nowhere even near the end of my journey, (nor am I a head instructor or anything) but when making my latest video I ran across an old video of me rolling with Draculino as a warm up before my first private lesson. He put me in a triangle and then swept me to finish the triangle from the mounted position. It was the same move I did on a friend of mine today during a warm up to a private lesson I was teaching him.

I was like wow, its crazy watching how this knowledge passes through people, from person to person. I thought this would be  a cool perspective, a video of me, as a whitebelt,  rolling with Draculino in my first private lesson and then a video of me rolling with a white belt that I am teaching for his first private lesson. It will be really cool to see a video of Chris (the white belt I am teaching privates to) rolling with a student he is helping a few years down the road and add it to this post, anyway, Check it out =)


From Student


To Teacher

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4 Responses

  1. JJ Electric says:

    That purple belt is Cold! He stays mad cool under pressure, and fights with every inch of his body. Much props to that White belt though, if you’re not getting your butt whipped, you’re not training enough! Keep it up gentlemen!

  2. Camilo says:

    I’m very, very happy with the progress that ia absolutely palpable in our school, with guys like you, Babalu, Sanjya, Andre and many others who came in as white belts and whom are now some of the most technical, competitive, and successful purple belts around.
    Proud of you, bro!

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