BJJ Grip Training – The Finger Master Review

Every time you train, you should be aiming to become better at what you do.  However, there’s a science that should go into your training process if you really want to become the best grappler you can be.

Rather than walking into the gym or picking up a training tool with your sights set on improving everything, why not step back for a minute to nit-pick and work on the smaller things?

There’s a “brick by brick” concept in sports that’s cliché yet true: you can’t build a house and expect it to stand on its own…you have to build it little by little and focus on the foundation.

I’m a brick by brick kind of guy.  One “brick” I love to focus on developing is my grip strength.  This is an aspect that many people tend to overlook and neglect, which can cause issues in the long run, especially for Gi competitors.

However, if you’re serious about your craft, and want to improve upon your grip strength, the best way to go about doing so is to get your hands on the Finger Master trainer.

Grip Master

Practical, Purposeful & Useful

To become better at your specific craft, it takes time and effort to obtain the proper skills…this isn’t breaking news to any of us.  In the modern age that we live in, it seems that skills specific drilling and tools are the new rage in almost any sport.

Yet, how many of them actually work?

A lot of them is just glitz and glamour, few do what they’re marketed to do.  However, I didn’t find this to be an issue when I began using the Finger Master.  Right away it was very clear to me that this wasn’t just a gimmick product aimed to lure in unsuspecting customers, but it was something that gets the job done!

The device itself is very practical when you look at it.  There are no bells & whistles; just a device that you hold in your hand, and knobs that adjust the resistance that you will work with.

It’s a great tool; because the main focus is set on one thing, as opposed to have multiple layers to its use.  If you want to strengthen your grip and work on your grip endurance, then the Finger Master is for you!  It doesn’t take detours to help with other aspects of your game; it’s right to the point, making this a wonderful product.

Making Training That Much Easier

Gone are the days where you have to have a mat in order to become better.  It’s an archaic way of viewing how to get better and only limits your resources, thus in turn making you less of a grappler because you aren’t utilizing your practice time properly!

What makes the Finger Master such a great tool to use is the fact that it is basic in nature.  The design is simple; it’s a device with a padding that is meant to rest against the heel of your thumb and five triggers for each finger.

Each trigger comes equipped with a knob at the bottom, allowing you to increase or decrease the tension in each trigger as you press down upon it.  Likewise, each trigger is spring loaded, making it an easy experience to press.

Atop of each trigger is padding for your finger tips, so that when you press down, the bones in your fingers won’t dig into the trigger, causing unwanted damage.

Another positive about this as a way of training is the availability this product provides you with!  Like I stated earlier, long gone are the days of “traditional” training where you have to have a mat and partners.  Now, something as basic as having the Finger Master can be just as effective and has specific purposes!

I love the thing, but I don’t just want to rave about it being the greatest thing since sliced bread. You have to.. you know.. WORK to see the value in it (like anything else in life), and if you get it, I recommend getting a weekly or daily regimen to follow along with it to ensure that you follow though and see real benefits.

If you’re on the bus, sitting in traffic, bored at work—you name it—then you can bust this bad boy out and start training for a few minutes!  The accessibility is astounding, and really eliminates any excuse as to why you didn’t try to improve on your game that specific day.

Long story short, the Finger Master is a training tool that is aimed for every grappler, because every grappler can stand to work on their grip strength.  It’s an important piece to the puzzle, and should be treated with serious practice time. Check it out and get yours on Amazon.

Daniel Faggella

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