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There is no doubt that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has gone main stream in the United States. American kids now have the opportunity to start training under world class coaches from the time they start walking. The kids are growing up, learning Jiu-Jitsu at the same time they are growing and learning their body. The movements are becoming second nature and natural and it sets the tone for a life full of success, should they continue their Journey in BJJ.

Under professor Draculino, I had the great privilege to help teach the kids classes and to teach privates with variety of students. One stand out student for me was Alexandria Sanchez. She was a smart, young kid who was very mature and dedicated to training from the start. Her parents, Kimberly Hernandez and Chris Sanchez were incredibly supportive, which is so important when a young kid has a passion for a sport. They had her at every class and started getting her private lessons from the beginning.



My very first private with Alex, I noticed an incredible ability for physical memory retention. If I showed her something once, she would spit it back at me almost perfectly. After a few drills, she had the technique or movement down. The first thing I said to both of her parents after the private was, “this kids a natural, if she sticks with it, she is going to be a champion some day”.


Alex trained very hard, and started hitting up local tournaments and was becoming a very successful competitor before hitting a potential road block. The family decided to move from Houston back to California. Big moves like this can some times shake the motivation for training. New schools, new training along with the stress of a new move has thrown off many people, but thanks to the support of her parents and her own person drive, alex found a new home at Atos Bjj, under the instruction of Andre and Angelica Galvao.


Here is a letter from Andre and Angelica about Alex finding a new home at Atos….

“When Alex first came to our gym, it was a little before the worlds last year. We could notice that she already had her game and style of roll.
Little by little she became very close with us, that is how everyone is at Atos, I start teach her weekly privates, and she always been very focus
and ready to train without complain or being lazy.
After a couple months she became more serious, so we invited her to join the beginner’s adult classes, that, made her game more solid i think.
Its always good to find a balance with kids between train and have a fun, but we can always push her harder because we know her potencial.
She also have a good partner and friend, Elizabeth, they are about same size wich is very essencial for her to drill and roll.
Now, she is joing the advanced classes, always very mature on the class, when she is at kids class she have fun but when she is at adult class she does it seriously, so i guess
we already find a balance that can help her bacame a world champion one day.
We always feel proud to see our students improving and is not different with her, in fact that is just we can see on her, improvement”
-Andre and Angelica Galvao.



Alex went on to medal in one tournament after the next, improving as she went along, until finally taking home the Gold at the Kids Wold Championships. Alex is a great example of what dedication and focus can achieve. At only 12 years old, she has already set down a foundation for how to achieve her goals. She is one of the many, new breed of of kids, who are focused and determined to succeed, and to become the next generations BJJ Superstars. – Poppa Rotzee

Alexandria Sanches Accomplishments
Gold Medal:
Houston Open 2012, LA Open 2012, Kids World 2012, Pan Kids 2013,Battle of H Town, GB West Chase, Super fights at 646, WGC Tournament of Champions 2012
Silver Medal:
IGC 2012,GB Compnet, Grand Prix Grappling
Bronze Medal:
Samuri Jiu Jitsu Pro Tournament 2012, No Gi Battle of H Town,












Training Schedule

Mon – Kid’s class and Adult advanced

Tues – Muay Tai with Kris Cyborg, Adult advanced

Wednesday – Kid’s class, Adult Advanced

Thursday – Kids Class, Muay Tai with Kris Cyborg, and Adult white belt class

Friday – Private with Angelica, Adult Advanced

Saturday – Kid’s class, open mat for 1-2 hours.



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