BJJ Manifesto Technique Clip – Half Guard Sweep

Check out this video on how to do a Sweep from the Bottom Half Guard.

I have spent the last handful of years studying and learning the ins-and-outs of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Not only is it my favorite sport to compete in, I have literally made it my life’s work by opening my own academy and other various companies.

Given my extensive time spent on studying the sport and what makes it so great, there seems to be a common recurring issue that I find many grapplers facing and that is the bottom half guard. Daniotti-Half-Guard2

It isn’t exclusive to just Brazilian Jiu Jitsu players; I have come across plenty of MMA fighters who also find it difficult to deal with this dreaded position.  Luckily, there is a fantastic series coming out soon called BJJ Manifesto that delivers some of the best techniques you can find in all of BJJ!

There is a segment in the series centered on the bottom half guard/goofy guard and how to turn this from a weak spot to strength in no time flat!

Not Allowing Your Opponent To Flatten You Out

The scenario begins out of half guard.  We’re assuming that our opponent either scored the takedown or advanced position and put us in a tough spot.  Now isn’t the time to panic, but it is the time to look for ways to get out of this spot before they can do more damage or even end the match!

As we make sure that our legs are locked in a figure-four position, one of the first key steps to this setup is making sure that we’re on our side, close to belly-down but not totally facing the mat.

The major aspect to this is it will make it difficult for our opposition to steam roll us to the mat.  If they are able to do this, then it spells trouble right from the get go and we’re most certainly going to be on our back, allowing them to pass with ease.

From here, we’ll want to establish our underhooks as well as our goofy guard (with the proper hooks) which will allow us to utilize his body weight against him.

Using All Of Your Limbs As A Mean To Sweep Your Opponent

With everything in place, now isn’t the time to slip up.  Make sure that everything is nice and snug, and ready to go!

To engage the sweep, you’ll want to find his bottom side hip with your same-side hand.  As you do, plant your foot on the floor and begin to initiate the sweep.  Using the underhook, hand on the hip and your foot, look to bring your opponent over your head.

This will leverage their weight, making them practically as light as a feather!  Once you have them vulnerable and in the air, use your bottom leg to hook their foot and sweep them onto their back.

And just like that, the bottom half guard is no longer a struggle!

For more information on the BJJ Manifesto visit our previous posts on the topic here.

Dan Faggella

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