BJJ STREET: Basketball Bat Choke

Do gi choke work on street clothes? Yes! I had a friend once tell me that a choke won’t work with a t-shirt. When I disagreed he offered to let me prove it. One rolling loop choke and a quick nap later…he agreed :)

There is a lot of discussion on whether or not Gi chokes are relevant or applicable outside of the mat. We decided to start a series that illustrate how chokes and grips can be applied to regular close. Chokes may not be the GO TO move, but its nice to know the option is there. You may not want to beat some one bloody from the mount….it may be easier or more civil to just choke them with their T-shirt.

It is true that it is harder to practice with regular T-shirts, because when you yank on it for hours it will eventually stretch or rip. In a fight it only takes one choke. There are also things you can do to reduce the chances that the shirt will rip. One such thing, is to bundle the shirt up in your hands so that there is more material.

Disclaimer: Again, this isn’t to show you that you “Should do this” but more to combat the myth that you “Couldn’t do this”.


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(13) Readers Comments

  1. I was gonna say Mexican! Classic Serg LMAO

  2. so thats how you do it! I always forget that particular technique. Now Surge is giving away his secrets hehe…

  3. The blankest face in response to ‘what are you?’. Priceless

    Otherwise v interesting

  4. Pause it at 43 seconds and I tap that guy in that position and controll with a 10-Finger, Arm-In Guillotine … any arm-in guillotine for the matter. That position happens on the street, I attempt crush his windpipe with that and put him to sleep.

    Guys that exclusivelly train NoGi would be fine on the street … the same way this “gi guy” can up with a way to do a gi choke with a T shirt. Again, the majority of people attacking people on the street are generally untrained so the “debate” really is just an ongoing debate between cultures. I personally believe I am where the gi (BJJ) shakes hands with the nogi (LL) figuratively and literally.

    Good instructional on his part though; but, if I’m in a street fight, I’m not really trying to gi choke a guy with a tee shirt. If he’s untrained, I wouldn’t have to. There are exceptions; but, the “rule” says I don’t have to.

    • Thank you for your comment and of course you don’t “have” to. The point is that YOU can do a choke. Its about having options and being able to use whatever tools YOU feel comfortable with and that YOU choose to use at the time.

  5. lol!, love (no hommo) BOTH my purple belt brothers !!!

  6. Surge is now a star on!!

  7. Purple Mexican! I love it!! But what happens when he gets his next belt eh???

    • Brown Mexican is just too expected….it will always be the Purple Mexican!

  8. Serg is a Mexican Purple Belt under Draculino!

    PS: I find this technique very relavent to my activities. Michael Jordan and I like to play H.O.R.S.E. on the weekends and the cocky sonofabitch always runs his mouth after beating me (with nothing but dunks obviously as I am as white as Caspers ass…chump). Now, I will be able to shut him up! Thank you GBTX and Serg “The Purple Mexican” DeLeon for allowing me to win at basketball…even if I lose!


    • PS: We should rename this the Baseketball Bat Choke!

      • …or the Purple Mexican Choke!

  9. hahaha. just an fyi i just got done with live training and was so tired. sorry for sounding i mean being out of breath. lol

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