BJJ Street Fight – Asian Vengence

A black guy tries to rob an asian man at an ATM machine by snatching his money and running off. Luckily the asian man was quick enough to catch him, dragged him down stairs and applied a rear naked choke on the would be robber until he is unconscious.

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5 Responses

  1. crazy says:

    Damnn he held on too long.. more than 10 seconds should have kiled the black guy… hes lucky hes alive

    • POPPA ROTZEE says:

      Killed him? No, I’ve accidently held a choke on someone for a long time. I had him in a rolling loop choke…and he was in a position where I couldn’t see him. This guy is known for not tapping, and he kept struggling so I would slowly add more and more force. I kept feeling him struggle and trying to escape so I kept holding on until finally Draculino stopped me. When I let go, he started snoring and convulsing, apparently he struggled for a bit in the beginning and then the “Struggling” I felt, was him convulsing. =( it was a long time, and scared me at first, but definitely more than 10 seconds and he definitely didn’t die.

  2. Lizandrooo says:

    WOW! ive seen a guy not able to get up after a punch but that dude that got choked had a hard time getting up after that! Good on the asian guy, good to see that cowards dont always get away.

  3. SickerStill says:

    Man, fucking idiot thieves, he got what he deserved.

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