BJJ Street Fight: Beach Fight

A surfer swims out in the middle of a surf contest and wont leave when asked to. He gets unruly when security try’s to get him to leave so that they can continue the contest and then eventually starts a fight with him. He gets in a huge fight, TWICE on the water with security. When he gets back to shore, he still talks crap and gets “BJJ’d ”  lol


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Just Beach Fight



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5 Responses

  1. marcos aurelio says:

    O segurança é um paqlhaço, e as pessoas que estao a volta do problema nao tem espirito de surf nem de jiu-jitsu!

  2. Andrew says:

    This is bullshit. It’s clear the guy on the bottom cant fight, so why beat him. I have trained in MA for years, with 10 in jujitsu and judo. Plus,I was a bouncer and Marine. There is no reason to whip someone who is helpless. There have been more than a few occasions where I had to deal with someone who “deserved it,” but I didn’t hurt him, just embarrassed him. Hold them down, slap em, make them say uncle, but there is no reason to beat up someone who obviously cant fight. This is what’s wrong with MA today, and I hope that guy meets someone who can actually defend themselves. Plus, he has his friends right there…tough guy huh. Maybe I’m old school, but MA should have some honor, this is cowardly. I give privates, and I make sure the person is not a bully, regardless of the money, before I train someone. Wish more instructors were like that.

    • POPPA ROTZEE says:

      I can agree with you, but knowing the back story…and watching the way the blonde kid acted in the extended version…he WAS the bully. Swimming out in the middle of a surf competition, ignoring the team on wave runners and then taking a swing at security when they come out and ask you to leave… c’mon.

      I don’t have a lot of sympathy for guys like that. That doOd was a douche and a bully and sometimes guys like that need a good ass whooping to snap them back to reality and humble them a little bit.

      Had two guys who couldn’t fight tried to remove him, that guy would of beat THEM up and not thought twice about it.

      And it wasn’t “Clear he couldn’t fight”, he got in a back n forth fist fight on the water in extended version…what IS clear is he can’t fight on the ground, or on his back. Thats not the BJJ guys fault. In a fight you don’t handicap yourself just because your opponent can’t fight as good as you standing/on the ground….you just win.

      • Andrew says:

        You have a point. I watched the extended version, and he was an ass. But I believe when you have someone dominated, as we can usually easily do with ground fighting, you don’t need to pound their face…but again maybe I’m a bit gentler. Is it about teaching a lesson, defending yourself, showing off or pure aggression?

        And I agree, you just win…but it seemed like overkill and I would have handled it differently. Which is one reason I like ground fighting, you can win without hurting the person.

        BTW, I like this site and appreciate the reply. I told my training partners about it.

        • POPPA ROTZEE says:

          I totally agree that it was overkill and I personally don’t feel I would of taken it that far… but then again, that is easy for me to say sitting here in a great mood nice and calm. I think it SHOULD of been handled differently, but I “GET” why the guy did. He saw a douche bag ruin something important to him and all his friends, then watched this douche pick a fight with his friend, and then come in and do it to him.

          It would be like someone at a BJJ Tournament running in the middle of the mats and doing cartwheels and running around ruing a competition that guys have spent months preparing for, dedicating their life to it, making sacrifices and then when the ref asked him to leave, he tells them to screw off. Then when security walks up…he punches him in the face and gets in a fight and THEN as he walks up to you and you say “Hey bro, just need to leave” and then he tells you to “Screw off, hes not leaving”. I don’t know about you…but that would piss me off….bad. Again, I would like to think I’m cool headed enough to not take it that far, but no promises lol

          Anyway, glad you enjoy the site and yes, please spread it around and post links on facebook or where ever and share…we appreciate it. And please continue to comment, there are some top level grapplers and black belts posting here that would be happy to converse :)

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