BJJ IN STREET FIGHTS — 10 November 2011
BJJ Street Fight – BJJ vs Cheeseburger Josh

A guy I decided to call “Cheeseburger Josh” got drunk and decided to hold Whataburger Hostage for a cheesburger. He put on a TapouT t-shirt, trying to pretend he was tuff and trained MMA…little did he know, Joseph Guichebarou was there and had 3 months of BJJ training mixed in with some high school wrestling..and although extremely drunk himself, still remembered enough to completely control Cheeseburger Josh. I think Cheeseburger josh should of left when the “Counting Cowboy” gave him his 3 second warning…Good stuff man….Good stuff.

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I am a Purple Belt and Assistant Instructor for Draculino at Gracie Barra Texas. I also shoot a lot of videos and created a Youtube channel for Gracie Barra Texas, which got me the nick name "Paparazzi" due to my running around with cameras all the time.

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  1. that’s funny!! That video is courtesy of my boy C.Stone when they were on your hahaha!! Thanks for the laugh!

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