BJJ Street Fight – Headbutts vs Steroids

A guy clearly juiced up takes his shirt off and taunts a smaller guy. As the walk towards each other to square off, the smaller guy easily takes his bigger opponent down and transitions to the mount position to where he reigns down furious head butts on his opponent. At the end, as big mouthed juice head is stumbling around barely able to stand walk without falling you can hear someone shout “Yeah, steroids don’t do shit for you boy” lol

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5 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    Umm…to the guy who said bjj practitioners like to fight off their back, yeah that’s true when we have control of the guy in our guard….that guy was fully mounted which is a terrible position to be in for anybody on the ground. The guy on top new this and took advantage, you clearly have no idea of what your talking about and by the sound of your post you’ve never trained before. Probably watched a lot of UFC and “trained” in your friends basement. Please refrain from negatively commenting when you don’t even understand basic positional hierarchy.

  2. bjj says:

    That video show than the BJJ don’t work in the street because if you are on your back ( it’s what the biggest part of jiu jitsu player like to do all the times), the guy on top of you can destroy your face with headbutt like the guy does in the video.

  3. Mason says:

    I guess maybe to the average person he looks juiced up but that size is easy without steroids.

  4. asdfgsg says:

    What a fuckin disgrace to human race.

  5. Cedric says:

    This one of my favorites

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