BJJ IN STREET FIGHTS — 13 November 2011
BJJ Street Fight – Judo vs Shoplifter

A convenient store clerk, well versed in grappling tries to stop a shop lifter. When the shop lifter refuses to stay as police arrive, the store clerk executes an amazing judo throw on the unsuspecting shoplifter.

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I am a Purple Belt and Assistant Instructor for Draculino at Gracie Barra Texas. I also shoot a lot of videos and created a Youtube channel for Gracie Barra Texas, which got me the nick name "Paparazzi" due to my running around with cameras all the time.

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  2. wow. i don´t want to be the robber. ;-)

    • No kidding, could you imagine! lol

      • I’m just glad it was on camera lol

  3. Ippon!!

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