BJJ Street Fights – BJJ vs Cheeseburger Josh

A guy I decided to call “Cheeseburger Josh” got drunk and decided to hold Whataburger Hostage for a cheesburger, by wearing a TapouT t-shirt, pretending he trained and was tuff…little did he know, Joseph Guichebarou was there and had 3 months of BJJ training mixed in with some high school wrestling..and although extremely drunk himself, still remembered enough to completely control Cheeseburger Josh…..I think Cheeseburger josh should of left when the “Counting Cowboy” gave him his 3 second warning…Good stuff man….Good stuff.

EDIT: HAHAHA looks like my nickname for him stuck lmfao……”CHEESE BURGER JOSH” …Man I love the internet.


“Son of Epic Beard Man.”

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