BJJ STREET: Street Ezekiel / Poppa-Zekiel

The BJJ STREET series is based on some conversations I have had with members of my gym and some guys outside of my gym who don’t train. This conversation is do Gi chokes and grips work on street clothes. Street clothes being t-shirts, jackets, long sleeve shirts, polo shirts etc. My answer has always been yes. They may need to be modified, but yes, a lot of the do. So fun and informational purposes, I asked some uppers belts at my gym to come up with their own techniques for me to film.

This technique is one of mine. I basically modified the principals of an Ezekiel choke and got it to work without sleeves. I asked multiple black belts if they had seen it before and all of them said “No, but it is a really good choke” and they didn’t see any holes in it. So I guess that means I get to name it hahaha. Im going with either Street Ezekiel or Poppa-Zekiel  🙂


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