BJJ Technique – Arm Drag to Ko Uchi Gari

Brandon “Wolverine” Mullins, one of the head instructors of Gracie Barra Texas, teaches one of his “Go to” take downs, an arm drag to ko uchi gari. This is something he has had a lot of success with in tournaments.

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3 Responses

  1. selfcritical says:

    I’d agree with zegrapplez terminology, although I’ve never actually seen a judoka go for this particular takedown. I use it a fair bit, but I originally learned it in mande muda silat. Never got it to work until i learned to armdrag properly though

  2. zegrapplez says:

    gari is a sweeping or reaping action. gake is blocking action. since he’s trapping the foot/blocking it, rather than sweeping it in a direction, it’s an arm drag to kouchigake.

    the double leg style grip is actually much more effective, stronger structurally than keeping the sleeve grip

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