BJJ Technique: Reverse de la Riva Guard | The Jiu Jitsu Laboratory

I’m a big fan of the De la Riva guard, I love playing it and have recently started playing with the reverse de la Riva position. I found this video and thought it had some pretty cool stuff and thought I will share. Much love to the guys over for putting up some solid techniques.


Setting up the reverse de la Riva position
Entries into the reverse de la Riva
Tripod sweep
Inverted reverse de la Riva – taking the back
Inverted reverse de la Riva – calf crush
Inverted reverse de la Riva – reverse X guard
Single leg sweep
Mendes Bros. Tomoe Nage sweep

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2 Responses

  1. Hi Colby, thanks for posting the video.

    • POPPA ROTZEE says:

      No problem brother, its a good video and deserved some credit…I really like de la Riva and want to explore x-guard and reverse de la Riva more than I do now….they obviously compliment each other.

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