Black Belt on Black Belt: Samuel Braga with Draculino

Black Belt on Black Belt Interview: Samuel Braga with Draculino

I came up with a special interviewing process where I get talk to a a black belt and get them to ask another black belt 3 questions, followed by something interesting they know about the person.

This weeks interview is Samuel Braga with Draculino

Interviewing Black Belt:
Samuel Braga




 Main Competition Achievements: 

  • 6x World Champion (2002 purple, 2004 brown, 2005, 2006, 2008 & 2010* black)
  • 5x Brazilian Champion (2001 blue, 2002 & 2003 purple, 2004 & 2005 brown)
  • World Nogi Champion (2007 black)
  • Pan American Champion (2004 brown)
  • Brazilian Teams Champion (2003 purple)
  • 2x World Silver Medallist (2003 purple, 2007, 2009** black)
  • Pan American Silver Medallist (2008 black)
  • 3x World Bronze Medallist (2001 blue, 2006 & 2011black)


Samuel started with martial arts young at seven years old , practicing Taekwondo.  Ever since he was young, he always loved to compete, winning a couple tournaments as a Taekwondo  fighter . He practiced Taekwondo for several years until he got his black belt  and took a break from martial arts when he was a teenager.

Samuel  was planning to come back to his training in Taekwondo  but his gym also offered a Jiu-Jitsu  class that took Samuel’s attention. He was already watching UFC and a fan of Royce Gracie (one of Helio Gracie sons who spread jiu-jitsu to the world using the MMA fights and dominating the biggest events in that time), as well as a big fan Rickson Gracie (Royce’s older brother fighting in Japan’s Pride MMA, which became some the most watched MMA events during 21 Century until purchased by UFC).

After he watched this class his mind changed and he began his BJJ training. His parents supported from beginning until today, something Samuel is very thankful for, especially his father who gave all support he needed to compete in tournaments. After winning multiple World Championships, Samuel is still practicing this beautiful art that changed his life, giving him more discipline, confidence, and respect in all areas of his life—inside and outside the ring.

Interviewed Black Belt: 

Vinicius “Draculino:




Main Competitive Achievements: 

  • 4x Pan American Champion (once in the master division)
  • Pan American No-Gi Champion in master division
  • 2x Brazilian National Champion
  • 2x Silver Medalist of World BJJ Championships
  • No-Gi International Master and Senior Champion
  • Abu-Dhabi Contender

(born July 30, 1971) is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fourth degree black belt under Carlos Gracie, Jr. and has been teaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for over 18 years. He has instructed mixed martial arts and grappling champions. Draculino has produced such talent as Joaquim FerreiraRomulo BarralAlberto Crane, Marcelo Azevedo, Cristiano Titi, and Samuel Braga.

Draculino grew up with Ryan GracieRalph Gracie, and Renzo Gracie, taking classes under both Jean Jacques Machado and Carlos Gracie, Jr. at the original Gracie Barra Academy.He began competition early, earning championships from the blue belt upwards. In 2007, Draculino, Ryan Gracie, and Roberto Gordo founded Gracie Fusion MMA team. The unexpected death of Ryan put the fledgling team in question, but Draculino and Gordo kept the team active in tribute to Ryan’s memory.

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