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In the little spare time that I have I enjoy reading quality books or magazines about the stuff I love.  Whether it be BJJ Technique books, Non-fiction books etc… everything about BJJ, MMA, and the people that are part of the sport I love soaking up as much information as I can.  So if your anything like me and enjoy reading and learning new things this spot maybe for you.  That last book I read cover to cover was The Fighter’s Mind by Sam Sheridan below I will write a brief review of it.  If you have any reading recommendations I would love to hear them. Its about that time I read another good book.



This book is a great look into mental part of competition and life through the eyes of some of the greatest coaches and competitors through all walks of combat sports.  Each chapter is divided by the greatness that each of these people have achieved throughout their careers.  People like Freddie Roach, Dan Gable, Renzo Gracie, Marcelo Garcia, and Randy Couture all visit with Sam and answer questions that will give you some great insight about how they approach the mental aspect of the fight game and what they have done throughout their lives that helped them reach this point in their careers.  Sam also moves away from the fight game alittle bit and covers Josh Waitzkin, who was child chess prodigy, a Tai Chi Push Hands Middleweight National Champion, and now trains BJJ. As well as David Horton about the psychological effects of long distance endurance running.  If you are a fan of any combat sports, their champions, and the way they think this is a great book for you!

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