Building Muscular Stamina for BJJ, Wrestling, and MMA

How many times have we seen it competitions or on TV? A fighter locks in a sure submission and cannot finish because they’re too gassed. Maybe this has been you? It sure is a discomforting feeling knowing that you could’ve ended the match right their but because you were to tired you couldn’t. How do we build our stamina? Live rolling is great and all but it’s not nearly as effective as going to the gym but I don’t want to get big and bloated which will only end with me becoming more tired.

High reps, Low weight

The key to building muscular endurance is for us to do sets with high reps and low weight. This simulates us having to repeatedly going for different sweeps, escapes, and submissions because our body is constantly active. You can check out a sample of my stamina day below:

Exercise                               Reps                                      Tempo                                 Rest                                       Sets

Good morning curls        8-12                                       Controlled                           1 min                                     3-5

Hip Raises MB                    12-20                                     Controlled                           45 sec                                    3-4

Rope hammer curl           12-15                                     Control                                 30 sec                                    3-4

Hip extensions MB          6                                              25X                                         30 sec                                    3

Circuit course                     6-10                                       Quick but smooth            1-2 min                                 3-5

Another thing you probably have noticed is the rest times are significantly shorter than a power day. This is because we want to give our muscles some time to recover but we still want them to be pretty fatigued for the next set. This enables us to lift a heavier weight than if we went straight through with no break but it also allows us to work on our muscular endurance. The circuit course at the end should be

Circuit courses are a great way to improve endurance

Circuit courses are a great way to improve endurance

comprised of fight related movements such as sprawls, wrestling shots, tactical stand ups, sit outs, etc. This ensures we get strong muscle memory while keeping the heart rate up. We can also incorporate other activities such as kettle bells, body weight, and partner weight exercises. Learn more about how to build muscular endurance in this article by You can check out a sick circuit in the video below

Python Power

If you are looking for top of the line strength and conditioning, which I’m not sure why you wouldn’t, look no further than Python Power! This course by Eric Wong is designed on increasing muscular endurance and power for submissions and holding positions. Your ability to smash through your opponent’s defense will skyrocket. The combination of world class strength and conditioning, proper technique, and a solid game plan is what makes champions and with this course you are receiving one of those elements. If you’re interested in seeing how powerful your muscles are check out this article!

Eric uses PDFs and videos to teach the techniques in his course and demonstrate every nuance such as where the weight should be felt, proper form, how not to cheat your reps, and extra movements that can be done to make the set harder.

So go ahead and pick up a copy! Let me know how you like it or any other tips and tricks you have to build muscular endurance

Train Hard

Dan Faggella

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