Chael Sonnen at it again!

Chael Sonnen is at it again commenting on Junior dos Santos win over Cain Velasquez at UFC on FOX 1: Valesquez vs. Dos Santos and saying he thinks Cigano faked the knee injury.

Chael Sonnen:

“Biggest story coming out of this night, I’m not going to let us move on until we talk about this – Junior dos Santos saying he’s got a knee injury. Look, if that’s marketing, fine, If he legitimately had an injury, this is the biggest story to come out of that night because that is a violation against the Athletic Commission. He signs, under penalty of perjury, a letter stating that he is not hiding any ailment. At best, that’s a fine, at worst that’s a suspension. I think its marketing. I think he’s lying to the media, and that’s fine. If he lies to the government, big problems.”

One can’t help but find it at least a little amusing that Chael Sonnen would harp on someone for breaking rules or leaving things out in pre-fight paper work. (Especially after he recently tested positive for steroids)

Here is a clip of the broadcast, check it out and let us know what you think in our “comments” section


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