BEEF! Ciao Terra and Jeff Glover

Apparently Ciao Terra and Jeff Glover are slinging mud back in forth via social media outlets. Jeff calls out Ciao via twitter, to which Ciao responds back immediately on his own Facebook.

Ciao Terra:

I competed this whole year with injuries that most people that had it gave up of jiu-jitsu or thought of given up.
I competed without been able to training.
I competed because I am not ashamed of losing even though I always want to win.
I competed to prove to myself and the ones who follows me that my believes in technique seems to be correct and even though ANY MAN CAN BE DEFEATED, THERE SHOULD BE NO POWER, STRENGTH OR PHYSICAL ABILITY TO STOP TECHNIQUE.
Develop your technique, because your physical abilities won’t last forever.

The ones who have competed without training or have a major injury like me should know how hard it is. One day might be good to be remembered by that but…
I don’t want any credit, give it all to Jiu-Jitsu.

Jeff Glover:

“Lol Yo, ciao terra, welcome to the club baby, I’ve never been injury free. Your not the only one player. Props on the style and skill, just stop whining lol you repeating parrot lol”

Ciao Terra:

Thanks buddy, maybe that’s why you NEVER compete or when you do so, don’t win =(
And taking steroids should be easier to recover your body no?!,89215.75.html
Don’t say you haven’t, I got your own words there 😉
Is that why you are been a hater?

Am I wrong? Should I hide all my injuries and pretend I was training and everything was fine? What you guys think?

Referring to a forum post where Jeff Glover was quoted as saying….

Jeff Glover:

“I dont feel like anyone should ever try to cover up or hide or lie about thier roids use. i did a cycle a year and a half ago, got me kinda chubie. When ppl would ask me wahts going /on, why are you getting so big? i would say: “IM on steroids” I just dont care if ppl lose respect for me or what ever. it helped me in so many ways. im thinking about another…most ppl who kick ass or do really well have done it but so what…i dont hold it against them , they just want to get better.

After a quick back and forth, Caio decides to clarify himself in this post.

Caio Terra:

Unfortunately some people read my latest comments in the wrong way so I am going to clarify things a little as I do respect my opponents.
When I said how injured I was and talked about not being able to train, I wasn’t trying to prove that I am better than anybody. If you heard my interviews live on BudoVideos I was clear when I said that these guys give me a tough match. My first instructors were adamant of my lack of talent in the beginning and were quick to remind me. Because of this, I am sure that if I achieve something today, it was with my perseverance. I train smart. It wasn’t my choice to only rely on technique but because I had of my small physical build, I had to compensate somehow. It just happens that years of smart training led me to have superior technique. I work hard, I study and drill no matter how debilitating my physical situation is at any point in time. Choosing not to train or lacking the means to train should be a big disadvantage to most but not to the ones who train smart and study the game. I use my time wisely.

It is important for you to know my dream was never to be the best fighter, but to be the most technical. And for that it is essential that I always admit I have a lot more to learn and refine in my game.

Anyways, final point:
Nothing is more important than technique and drilling because it doesn’t matter how fit you are or how big your muscles are if you don’t have the skills to utilize them.

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