Controversial Rematch: Samuel Braga vs Guilherme Mendes

We all remember the controversy between Samuel Braga vs Guilherme Mendes 2009 Finals at the IBJJF Worlds. Today they are set to face each other in the semi finals any moment for a much anticipated rematch. I will be watching live curtesy of and giving a live Play by Play using “Dragon Dictate”, a program that allows me to turn my speech into text. The match is about to begin.

Play by Play with Dragon Dictate (Voice to Text):
Samuel Braga starts the match on top, Mendes goes inverted, working towards taking Samuels back, Samuel shows amazing balance as he stops various sweeps as Menendez aggressively continues to work towards his back. Mendes is spinning back and forth upside down, with incredible technique working from sweep to back take attempt. Samuel stuffs the attempts and then spins into 50/50 guard. Both become a tangle of legs as they start attacking various leg locks and foot locks, neither able to seem to get the edge, but relentless nevertheless.

Mendez gets the sweep, up 0-2(Mendes). Mendez stands up into Samuels guard, Samuel looks for some triangles but is stuffed as Mendez threatens the pass. Mendes gets double under hooks, Samuel keeps his legs wide and stuffs the pass continually with Mendez driving forward until they both run out of bounds and get reset in the middle of the mat.

Mendez continues to try and work the double under hook pass, but Samuel is relentless in his defense as mendes pushes them back out of bounds. Still 0-2 (Mendes). Mendes finally gives up the under hook and Samuel takes full advantage as he switches to a single leg, taking him down as Mendes hopes out of bounds. Score shows 2-2.

Samuel is fired up as they reset in the middle, pumping his hands yelling, ready to start again. There is something going on with the ref’s, looks like there is confusion on the scoring. Looks like Mendes gets a penalty for fleeing the mat. Samuels guard looks amazing as he spins under Mendes legs and almost takes Menedes back. The score is 2-2, 1 advantage (Braga).

Wait, they remove points from braga and then keep the advantage to braga 0 – 2 (Mendes) 1 advantage (Braga). The refs are trying to call time out, clearly t hey are confused as Samuel and Mendes are still in the middle of a war with their legs entangled. Finally they are stopped and a timeout is called as the refs discuss the takedown.

The score is now re-adjusted 2-2, 2 advantage (Braga) Mendes rushes like a bull to Braga and attempts to take him down, Braga jumps guard. They roll, Braga is climbing Mendes back, one hook in, couple seconds left on the clock, two hooks in at buzzer! Did he get it in time? Braga is pumping his fist, HE GOT IT!!!


They are giving Mendes 2 points?? The crowd is booing, They hold up Mendes Hand….He wins. Samuel hugs him, completely respectful but obviously aggravated as he walks off the mat with his head down. WOW….I’m shocked…Nobody knows what happened at this point. Even the announcers on are confused, they thought Braga won as well. It looks like he got robbed.

It looks like they are saying Braga rolled out of bounds with a submission locked and so they gave Mendes 2 points, and the win. Unbelievable. I must say, so far I’m not alone when I say I don’t agree with this at all. You don’t take someones back when your intet is to roll out of bounds to flee a submission. You take someones back when THAT is your intention, to TAKE someones back, which clearly Samuel did.

Anyone who saw the match, what was your take?


I talked to Samuel on Facebook about what happened, here is his explanation of what was going on.

Poppa Rotzee:
did you roll out of footlock first?
or did you roll out of it as you took his back?
did you even notice the foot lock?
tell me how you saw it

Samuel Braga:
no i went to his back right the way
i saw his back exposed

Poppa Rotzee:
So explain it, what position where you in

Samuel Braga:
i was at berimbolo
usually they go for a footlock and i jump on their back
i was in that position
but i stop to stall a lil bit
then he start to go to a foot lock i went to his back
so he committed to a foot lock i was not going for anything
but he exposed his back and I jump to this back

Poppa Rotzee:
so you never even rolled to escape foot lock,
you just rolled to take his back?

Samuel Braga:

Poppa Rotzee:
So do you do this a lot?

Samuel Braga:
all the time
all the time
otherwise i would just roll out the mat and not going anywhere
i would not get his back

Here is a short clip of Samuel taking the back from berimbolo, illustrating what he did with Mendes. He was going for his back, not rolling to flee the mat

Here is another where the guy actually goes for the footlock

UPDATE: Here is the link to the Video Break Down we did which shows the end of the match.
Video Break Down – Samuel Braga vs Gui Mendez

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