Crazy Chael Sonnen vs Michael Landsberg Interview!

Chael Sonnen vs Michael Landsberg


Wow, you have got to see this interview with Chael Sonnen vs Michael Landsberg

And here is Dan Whites Response when asked if he heard the interview

Dana White:

I saw it this morning. Pretty crazy man. He’s crazy. I think the guy is nutty, nutty as hell. I mean, you go on a interview, you know the guy is going to ask you questions, especially if you did your homework, you know what Landsberg’s like. I mean he’s the kind of guy that jabs you and pokes you and irritates you and throws you off your game when you’re doing a interview. Ummm yeah it was weird. Very weird.


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Dana Whites Response to Interview

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2 Responses

  1. chewie says:

    his craziness is what makes him a great fighter…and it’s what makes it fun to watch him because you never know what he’s gonna do.

  2. LaLa says:

    Wow, he is seriously crazy. A little funny, but crazy for sure!

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