Cung Le Finished in the UFC?

Cung Le Finished in the UFC?

Is Cung Le finished in the UFC? I sure hope not! Cung Le is not only a very talented fighter but a very exciting fighter to watch. Even in his 2 losses, he put on a display of technical ability and was winning both fights for a majority of the time. I was actually pretty surprised to see how old Cung Le was, I guess it slipped my mind because I was thinking Wanderlei Silva was the older fighter for a second before the fight started until they showed his age. I was thinking Wanderlie is getting old, he’s probably on one of his last fights….and they showed the ages and I was like…”OH SNAP..I forgot Le is 5 years older” lol.

I think he still looked great but I think something happens to older fighters where, although they can continue being offensive, it seems easier for them to be taken out of the fight. (Cung Le, Chuck Liddell, Wanderlei etc ) Either way, he has been amazing to watch and it is great to see someone of his character and background come this far and do as well as he has done. He got to live a dream and I hope we get to see him a few more times before he hangs it up.

Dana White was asked by if Le would fight in the UFC again and he gave this response:

“I don’t know, I don’t know we’ll see. You know he’s up there, his dream was to fight in the UFC. He got to the fight in the UFC and fight Wanderlie Silva. You think about it, Cung Le is one of these guys who comes from traditional martial arts. What this guy has accomplished in transitioning from traditional martial arts into MMA, it’s pretty damn amazing. I have so much respect for that guy as a fighter and as a human being.”

What do you think? Is Cung Le finished or does he have a few more fights in him? Leave your comments below!

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