Dana White Makes a Rape Joke on Twitter – Oops! Sorry Miguel Torres

Dana White Slips and makes his own Rape Joke on Twitter – Oops! Sorry Miguel Torres

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So if you aren’t up to date on the Dana White firing Miguel Torres over a rape comment made on twitter, Start here first…

Start Here” Miguel Torres Fired For Rape Joke

Now, for those up to speed….After all of the recent uproar over Dana Whites, seemingly harsh decision, to fire Miguel Torres over a rape comment, Dana White accidently slips one of his own on twitter. One that was quickly caught by fellow followers on Twitter. Dana not only makes a reference to rape, he corrects a guys spelling by implying “He must of been anally raped in prison’

Dana Whites Rape Joke

Dana Whites Rape Joke

What do you guys think? Is Dana whites hypocritical to fire Miguel for quoting a tv show’s “Rape Van” joke and then he, himself making prison rape jokes publicly on twitter? I don’t have a problem with what Dana said personally, but I don’t like the fact that Miguel is fired for one thing, if everyone else is either only getting in trouble..or not getting in trouble at all. What about you guys?

UPDATE: I asked Dana to comment on it and he not only ignored me..he blocked my account! lol sucks…I liked Dana, just thought it was a dumb move to fire Miguel.
2nd UPDATE: A bunch of people Tweeted that Dana Blocked me when asking for him to comment on everything and then today I was unblocked. Not sure what happened but i’ll take it =)

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6 Responses

  1. BJJ says:

    Oh and for the record, I didnt have a problem with Miguel’s comment (or Dana’s) it is just this holier then thou crap that pisses me off.

    • POPPA ROTZEE says:

      My problem is the inconsistency. I get that he has a huge company to run and probably a a million people he has to try and make happy…but damn. I mean firing a good guy for doing not only what two other fighters did..but what you get caught doing a few days later…its silly.

  2. BJJ says:

    Dana is a complete douche. He has done great things for MMA, but as a character he is just a bully with big pockets.

  3. This is complete BS. I mean, the whole Miguel Torres firing was BS, especially considering all of the other BS that has slipped through UFC punishment, but damn. I personally didn’t find either one offensive (I watch IASIP, and we all know what potentially happens in prison) so it was no big deal to me, but the fact that Dana is trying to make these guys role models for folks is just crazy. I mean, I’m not saying they’re bad guys (there are a few in the bunch though), but I mean they are professional fighters whose job is to destroy the guy in front of them until someone says ‘STOP’!


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