Dana White UFC 139 Post Fight: SHUT UP ABOUT FOX FIGHT!

Dana White UFC 139 Post Fight

All of MMA fans were really pumped about UFC airing on FOX November 12, 2011 as Junior dos Santos defeated Cain Velasquez. We were all anticipating a war of epic proportions that would help fuel MMA further into the mainstream spot light, what we were left with was an anti climatic, minute and four second Knock out in the first round. Not to take anything away from dos Santos, he did his job beautifully. But as a fan of course we were hoping for more.

People have been complaining to Dana White and blaming him for what they thought screwed up MMA’s chance on center stage to which Dana White basically told MMA fans to “SHUT UP”. Well the MMA gods are generous and they filled the Octagon with blood, sweat and warriors, to fight in battles not soon to be forgotten in not ONE… but TWO fight of the nights ( Dan Henderson vs Shogun Rua and Wanderlie Silva vs Cung Le)

Instantly MMA fans were looking at each other, (after screaming, yelling, twitting and updating how glorious this fight was) and said “Now THIS fight should of been on FOX…..but should it? Dan White was asked this question at the UFC 139 Post Fight Press Conference


Obviously a war, I mean those guys where bloody and hurt in battle Is that the kind of fight you wanna see on Fox? People complained last week “We didn’t get enough”…is this too much for Fox?

Dana White:

” Let me tell you, I said it before and I’ll say it again, If I could go back in a time machine, and do the fox fight over again, it would be done the same exact way. EXACTLY the same way. The hardcores can bitch about that fight…I could care less..what they think about that fight. I don’t care. you know, people are like “DOH, you don’ care what’cher fans think- NO! I DO NOT CARE..what you THINK. (reporters: Giggle) That fight had to go the way that it went because NONE of you guys understand what goes on behind the scenes. If THAT fight, that happend tonight, went on Fox for the first time ever….let me tell you what…I wouldn’t not be having a good time these last five days or six days…BELIEVE me. We gotta EASE our way…we live in this bubble gang, we live in this bubble that the rest of the world doesn’t live in and doesn’t understand and we are still in the education process.. educating the masses on what this sport is and what this sport is all about.
Those of us who are in this room, and those of us who have been watching this sport for a real long time..are blown away and just incredibly appreciate what those two did tonight in there and you can understand what they went through, and whats going on and the rest of the world will go “Ohhh my god, what was that, you know…YOU (those of you who don’t think we did the right thing on the first Fox fight) just don’t understand what it takes to build this sport beyond national television…..So Shut up again (Big smile :)”


Catch it all in Full here
VIDEO: Full UFC 139 Post Press Conference

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