Dealing With Our Opponents Tenacious Open Guard Defense

As a newly minted Black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, I can say that I’m always looking to add a new tool or dimension to my game.  Early on in my grappling career, I wanted to know it all and at once.  I quickly found out that this was next to impossible to do, and wasn’t a productive way to enhance my skills.

After spending a few years of dedication to the sport, I found that the best way to learn and improve is to break things down into manageable, bite sized pieces.

Recently, I began looking at the game of Justin Rader and what he does well.  After getting my hands on his new DVD series, I realized there is a lot that he does well, so I stuck to my theory of breaking it down into smaller chunks.

One thing he excels in is dealing with the guard and how to pass, defend, etc. against it and you can see that in his highlight video below

In this particular write up, I’ll break down a fantastic guillotine setup that starts with passing guard.  Take notes!

Staying Top Heavy As You Look To Pass Guard

Justin uses a mix of both wrestling and BJJ

Justin uses a mix of both wrestling and BJJ

For this certain setup, we’re assuming that we’re trying to toss our opponents legs out of the way to gain side control.

It’s likely that our opponent will stifle this, so we’ll want to align our hips with theirs, and bring one leg to the crook of their knee.  From here, apply pressure to that knee, causing their legs to be pressed towards their chest.

What you’ll want to do next is bring your chest to their knees, continuing to add pressure.  It’s very important that you maintain balance, because this is a very vulnerable position for sweeps from your opponent.

As we maintain our heavy top game pressure, the next step gets a little tricky and calls for proper body function. If you like being heavy on your passes you should also check out Lovato.

Relying On Proper Body Movements

At this point, your opponent will look to get out from under you because they know things aren’t going to end well for them.  As they do, you’ll want to maintain wrist control, and pin that arm once you have it.

From here, begin to work on controlling their head and keeping it in place.  If done properly, there should be a knee in place blocking your advancement; it’s now time to shake that knee to go for the finish.

This is where things get interesting.

To clear the knee, slightly hop over it.  As you do, roll over your shoulder and cup the neck of your opponent.  Now, you should be landing onto your back, with your head right next to theirs.

Reaction time right now is very important, so the second you feel your back hit the mat, you must anticipate their next move and leap right back into full mount by simply reversing that leaping motion.

From here, you should be in full mount with the guillotine in place, which can be secured for the submission victory. If you haven’t heard yet, Justin has released a sweet new course and you canSee Justin’s Entire “Hybrid Success Formula” Course Here!

Dan Faggella

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