Defending Yourself And Escaping From Back Mount

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a game of inches.  I’m sure that we’ve all heard the term, “it’s a game of inches,” when referring to something that can be decided in the blink of an eye.

Think about it; a mere inch—if that—can determine how powerful a choke can be or how effective a sweep or pass can be.  If you are off by just an inch, then the move will be rendered useless and you find yourself back to square one.Untitled

The ultimate “game of inches” outlook pertains to when someone goes for your back.  It doesn’t take long for someone to sink in a choke, and end the match.  The rear naked choke or Gi choke can do the trick with the right amount of pressure, so it’s always helpful to know the proper escapes from back mount.

Escaping back mount is something in which every grappler should be knowledgeable of.  Luckily, today we’re going to take a closer look concerning these types of escapes.

Going From Defensive To Offensive In The Blink of An Eye

When we look for escapes from specific situations, I always try to look for a transition or a sweep out of the escape.  Why not go for a few points while escaping from their hold?  It’s a win-win situation when done correctly!

In this scenario, we’ll assume that we’re in a Gi match and the opponent has taken our back and is going for a lapel choke.

  • First off, grab their wrist and bicep.  Our main goal is to try and control their arm the best way possible and to make sure that choke is as difficult as we can make it.
  • Next, we want to turn our chin into the hold, making it harder for them to get the choke in properly.
  • Post with your choke-side foot, and fall off to the non-choke side.
  • Pin his arms with yours, as your break his grip on your lapel.
  • Free your trapped leg.
  • Grab his leg, and place it between yours, trapping it.
  • Reach under his body and pull yourself up.
  • Drop your legs to the side.
  • Pull back forcefully on your opponents belt, making him fall back, allowing you to end up in side control.

Escaping With A Purpose

Be sure to check out this article on Side Control Escapes at

Like I said earlier, why just escape a move when you can score points to boot?  This is exactly what this sequence does; it allows us to save ourselves by escaping a potential match ending choke, and also scored us points by executing a wonderful sweep/transition.

Defending from your back can be a tricky situation to be in for anybody.  It takes some serious poise and composure to be able to work from this position, but once you realize it isn’t the worst place to be in this world, you’ll begin defending it with ease.

Dan Faggella

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