Draculino Online BJJ Training


Check out Draculino’s Online BJJ Training program, its an amazing program to help students supplement their training or to help schools follow a curriculum. Check out below for some reviews and sample videos.

For Students:

Nothing is more frustrating than to be in a position and not know the proper response. Other Jiu Jitsu training sites may describe a specifictechnique or position, but fail to explain the bigger picture. Use ourproven training methods to accelerate you through the natural BJJlearning process and use our hundreds of specific jiu jitsu techniquesto solve specific challenges you are faced with.


For Schools:

The key to effective BJJ training is using a well organized, logical, and proven approach. The building blocks of BJJ need to be assembled into a logical steps for maximum effectiveness. Just like you learn to walk and then run, there is a natural order of techniqueprogression that insures retention. Use our detailed BJJ trainingcurriculum to guide your lessons and insure your students achievemaximum jiu jitsu results.


Draculino Online BJJ Training Reviews:




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