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ATTENTION:  Guys Tired of Losing to Bigger and Stronger Opponents

FINALLY Tap the Strong Guys

By applying Draculino’s battle-tested progressive submission system, you’ll quickly learn the dirt-simple but insanely effective attacks that work on even the strongest guys.  We aren’t talking hundreds of hours of drills or watching hours of boring videos every day.  These are easy-to-consume, massively effective submissions you can quickly add to your game.

It’s not too good to be true!

I know this may sound crazy, especially if you’ve been frustrated for weeks and months on the mat.  Heck, everyone including me has felt that frustration at not knowing how to get that tap against both stronger and more knowledgeable training partners.  Give me 30 seconds to show you exactly how Draculino’s system can turn you into a tap inducing machine.

Who is Draculino?

DraculinoTrophiesMy name is Vinicius “Draculino” Magalhaes. I’ve been teaching jiu Jitsu for over 20 years and it is my life passion. I’m now a fifth degree black belt under Master Carlos Gracie Jr. and have schools in both Brazil and America helping to spread our gospel.I grew up near the beach in Rio, surfing during the day with guys like Ryan Gracie, Renzo Gracie, and other famous guys – and then getting SMASHED by them at night. You better believe I have some great memories and crazy stories from back then!I find sharing our sport with others life fulfilling and expect to do it forever. Over the years I’ve trained many, many students and seeing so many achieve their goals. I want to keep that trend going, helping everyone survive, get those taps, and of course enjoy Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!

 Hear what some of Draculino’s students and training partners have to say:

“Draculino is one of the most successful teachers I know. His teaching skills and system speaks for itself by producing many World, Pan-Am and National Champions. If you want to bring your Jiu-Jitsu to the next level but are lacking a good teacher or system, [Draculino] will help you achieve your BJJ goals.”


Rolles Gracie
Head Instructor of Renzo Gracie Academy
3rd Degree Black Belt
UFC Heavy-Weight Fighter


Romulo Barral
Proud Draculino Black Belt
BJJ World Champion
Pan American Champion

“I am a privileged athlete to have Draculino as my Master. He is simply the best, always teaching his refined techniques and building champions on the mats and in life. I conquered several titles in BJJ and I owe that to Draculino. He always shows the easiest way to be a champion and now everybody can have access to his training methods. If you want to be the best, train with the best.”

 “Draculino is the best instructor out there, period. His system has been proven over and over again with the quality of students he has put out consistently year after year! I have seen Master Draculino make wimps into World Champions and have lost track of how many top level Black Belts, BJJ/Grappling/MMA World Champions he has put out. Now everyone has the opportunity to share some of his secrets of success!”


Alberto Crane
Proud Draculino Black Belt
BJJ World Champion
King Of the Cage World Champion


Roberto “Gordo” Correa
Head Instructor of Evolve Mixed Martial Arts in Brazil
Inventor of Half Guard
5th Degree Black Belt
BJJ Black Belt World Champion


“Vinicius Draculino is, without a doubt, one of the top five Jiu-Jitsu professors in the world right now and he would never do something that is not top notch. He will be able to pass all of his knowledge and experience through this online video training.”

“Very, very few people in the world can meet the achievements of Vinicius Magalhaes as a Jiu-Jitsu teacher. His method has built numerous world champions and he also has graduated many winners in life. [Draculino has] a well proven system blended with the highest technology one can possibly find, and the result is a greatly flavored juice, in anyone’s reach. Taste it.”


Luca Atalla
Gracie Magazine Chief Editor
3nd Degree Black Belt
Considered the Encyclopedia of BJJ History
1996 BJJ World Champion

Clearly Draculino’s training system works.   Take a second to understand WHY it works.

After months of being crushed, bruised and battered, Draculino finally sat down and realized that even though he’s a small guy – 5’7” and 145 pounds – he didn’t have to try and play “big guy” jiu jitsu.  Those guys would always win if he played their game.

Here is what he learned:

  • Going back to the origins of jiu jitsu with Carlos and Helio Gracie, leverage, angles and positioning were everything. Survival is job #1.
  • Using techniques based on leverage worked well, even if you’re much smaller and weaker.
  • Merging his modern “attacking” style with their reliance on leverage to survive led directly to his progressive attack system that works no matter the size.

Draculino now had built a system that works just as well against the small and fast guys as the bigger and stronger smash monsters.


You might think that you’ll always be beat by bigger, stronger guys…  But it just isn’t true.

big guy bjj Look, I’ve been there too.  There is nothing worse than to have a Crossfit + wrestling monster attacking you AND he has a 50 pound muscle advantage.Getting crushed DOES stink and can be really disheartening.  And if you can never practice techniques due to getting smashed, how will your BJJ game ever improve?!


There’s a dirty secret most BJJ students don’t realize:  Having the “Perfect Move” isn’t enough

draculino-back choke - brandon Having good jiu jitsu is like being a good dancer.  Sure, you may have a perfect twerk or moonwalk, but that only buys you a few seconds of attention.  What comes next? Put in BJJ terms, you can have the best guillotine or bump sweep or armbar from guard, but without a solid framework you very quickly hit your peak and start getting smashed yet again.Having a progressive attack system gives you the exact recipe to use no matter the position or defense your opponent uses.


Building a perfectly well rounded game while solving the “GETTING SMASHED” problem NOW is exactly why Draculino became an instructor and why he’s sharing my secrets with you today

Here’s some insight into where he’s coming from:

Jiu jitsu is a huge part of my life and passion and I can’t even describe how happy I am when I see the lives of my students transformed.  This feeling is so strong that I chose to be a BJJ teacher instead of a practicing attorney.  (You better believe my parents were more than a little concerned when I first told them I was quitting my lawyer job for BJJ!)I want to help you shortcut the long and painful learning curve I went through.  I want to share my system and simple but effective moves that’ll get you massive success on the mats.I have two main goals as a teacher:
  • Give you a progressive framework so you’re set up for success forever. Never again wonder what attack you should be using in the middle of a roll.
  • Teach you solid attack techniques that get taps, no matter how big or strong your opponents are. These battle-tested attacks fit precisely inside my framework providing a complete and well-rounded system.

Given Draculino’s results as both a teacher and competitor, I’m sure that you’ll agree that if anyone can get you on the path, he can!


Draculino’s progressive BJJ system is used by world champions AND regular students

Just like you need to walk before you run, Draculino’s progressive attack system logically builds up your skills over time.  Imagine how your confidence will grow as you know exactly how to get that submission AND how to switch up to a Plan B attack if your first attack is stopped.

To be successful, everyday guys like you and me need to train more than a random technique every day.  We need structure and logic and (just as important!) techniques that are technically correct and work with each other.

Here are just a few of the specific techniques you’re getting in this system:

[ video pops in lightbox]Sneaky “magic grip” giant killer choke [ video pops in lightbox]Pillow choke that gently suffocates your opponent [ video pops in lightbox]Unique “T Rex Arm” attack for stubborn opponents
[fast, intro/outro, highlight reel style]

And his students win competitions at all levels…

I’ve trained with several schools in my area over the past year and my game never really clicked.  I felt like I was learning random moves but not how it all fit together.Using Draculino’s system, my game quickly changed and I was turned into a tap generating machine.  I can’t recommend it enough to anyone looking to skip the painful and slow learning curve


John Doe

White Belt, 4 stripes

46 years old

I’m a small guy and was always an athlete growing up.  That’s why it was so frustrating getting smashed by guys bigger and stronger at the gym.  My game was always the super fun  “fist bump to bottom side control” move.I learned a couple of Draculino’s attacks and instantly was able to apply them in class.  Then I went back and added his progressive attack framework into my game and became the hunter instead of the hunted.


Jane Doe

Blue Belt

42 years old

I’m a beginner and was really frustrated by how many moves I needed to know.  YouTube is overflowing with content but there isn’t anything to make sense of it all.  I knew there had to be a better way.I found Draculino online figured I’d give his DVDs a shot.

I still laugh when I think back to nailing that armbar he showed in my first class after watching it.  BJJ is a fun journey and getting taps makes it even more fun.  J


Jason Bourne

White Belt, 2 strips

28 years old

The learning curve is painful – especially without specific direction/moves and a system that shows you how it all works together!

You know the feeling…  What attack should you be using now?  How do I get this big guy off of me?  How can I finish him?  Will I ever get better?

With Draculino’s training DVDs you’ll be able to put all those questions to rest.  You’ll know exactly how to get in a good position, when to use each attack and exactly how to respond when the guy defends your attacks.

When you know the answers even before you start, you crush the competition!

Most students take years (and years and years) to begin to grasp this concept.  As they haphazardly put it together, their mental model inevitably has holes in it and includes bad techniques accumulated from random videos and friendly classmates.

But you’re now able to START with a full, correct, comprehensive method of attacking PROVEN to work on big, strong guys. No need to scour the web for techniques you hope work.  No need to spend hours guessing/troubleshooting on the mat with random training partners.   All you have to do is apply the system and you WILL get taps.


Imagine how much better training is when you win more.

How awesome is it going to be when you start tapping that strong wrestling guy that always has your number?  How about when you start catching upper belts and making them wonder how much extra mat time you’ve been putting in?

When you double you taps, you’re going to thank me!

What’s You’re Getting

To maximize your success, you not only need all the pieces of the puzzle but you need to be shown how it all works together.  That’s exactly what I’m giving you in this system.



VALUE:  Over $500 (one hour private lesson with me)-          Two DVD set sharing 31 proven  attacks (###click here to see the list###)-          23 battle tested submissions for any situation-          6 side control moves that’ll get you to mount or back for the killer finish-          4 super sneaky side control bottom submissions


Fast Action Bonus

[product box shot or tiny screen grab]

VALUE:  $37With this visual mind map/flow chart you’ll learn:-          Exactly what move to use and when-          Where to go when your attack is stopped-          Additional attack options for common scenarios


Fast Action Bonus #2

[ Logo + screengrab]Value:  $47 One month trial subscription for FREE at the  online training site DraculinoBJJTraining.com.  With this subscription you’ll get access to:When you have the answers at your fingertips 24/7, your training partners will wonder your secret to getting better so fast!  Here’s what you’ll receive:-          Over 300 techniques available both in a web browser and with an iPhone app.-          Highly detailed instructionals, shot from three different camera angles so you don’t miss a single detail.

–          Instant solutions, ready for your problem positions.

–          Structured daily curriculum that I use to teach my classes and you can use for yourself.


These “fast action” bonuses and this low price is only available for the next 48 hours.  After that the price goes up and you miss out on this amazing deal.





Here’s my crazy satisfaction guarantee for you

 unnamed I made this DVD+system to HELP you and Draculino to shared his decades of experience to make sure it is massively effective.  This is why I’m offering you a 30 day, iron clad “refund for no reason at all” refund policy.  And I’ll happily give you DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK should your submissions not improve after applying the lessons included.


This is your last chance to get this amazing offer.

  • Progressive teaching curriculum that logically walks you through every technique and its variations and alternatives.
  • Attacks proven to work on big guys and that don’t require a strength advantage.
  • Attacks that don’t rely on strength or size to get the tap.
  • Fast Action Bonuses:
  • A visual blueprint of attacks. Know what to use and when to use it.
  • Access to the HUGE library of techniques and curriculum at DraculinoBJJTraining.com. Always have expert instruction at your fingertips.

This is your only chance to get the amazing bonuses, the special price, and the crazy satisfaction guarantee.

There is literally no risk for you, it’s all on me!

So click that buy button below and get started.

See you soon!




If you have any questions or comments, just drop me a note.  And be sure to follow Draculino on social media to catch updates and assorted crazy techniques.

draculino teaching class



justin anderson bjj
Justin Anderson
Proud Draculino Student

PS – I’m an average sized 40-something year old guy and have always had challenges from bigger and faster opponents.  Draculino is 145 pounds and even smaller than me.  So when he told me about how I can finally get taps from stronger opponents, I took his advice to heart.If you’re tired of getting smashed by stronger/bigger guys and frustrated with not knowing which attacks to use, then you can’t afford to miss out on this offer.